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One hears many rumblings in the media about bird flu and poultry shortages, but of course there's never a problem that government intervention cannot make immeasurably worse "for our safety".

Even if government did nothing, poultry farms would individually try differing approaches and those that hit upon the right methodology would subsequently prosper, whilst the remainder would be asking them "what did you do right?". Before long everyone would be doing right.

Government stepping in simply ensures that everyone does it wrong, and cannot subsequently learn from those that did it right.

(So it is with all top-down centralised control, whether we are talking chickens, beef, motorised transport, film making, pandemics, news media, religion, or monetary madness. The host of individuals operating collectively by their own individual free association, free speech, and free will and judgement is inherently superior to central diktat, since it enables all sorts of solutions to be developed and trialled, and the best to be identified and widely adopted).

Children's Health Defence (not yet rebranded Chicken's Health Defence, but wait for it) discusses the pros and cons of avian agriculture.