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It's no secret that our schools are not teaching our kids how to think - they are teaching them what they want them to think.

This was brought home to me in 2019 when I attended a General election hustings at a local school - there was no dissent, climate change was an emergency and what were we going to do about it?

"Give me the child until seven, and I will give you the man, said Aristotle, a phrase understood down the ages"

" ... there are few ideas in today’s climate political agenda that require more faith than the forecasts of climate models"

Succinctly put.

"The school briefing notes suggest that climate models 'have been used to make accurate projections for the past 50 years, and have advanced significantly during this time' "

"In fact, it would more accurate to say that they have never produced an accurate forecast in 50 years of trying. Far from becoming more accurate, they are becoming almost laughably inaccurate"

The Daily Sceptic attempts to redress the balance:

"The World Climate Declaration has been signed by almost 300 university professors, led by a Nobel physics laureate Professor Ivar Giaever. 'We should free ourselves from the naïve belief in immature climate models ... In future, climate research must give significantly more emphasis to empirical science' "

Amen to that.

"Children are also advised to pick an activist from a list including Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot, and fill a poster board full of their good works. Letters to policymakers should stress the emotional, they are told"

Wait! Are our teachers supposed to be training our children just to be climate campaigners? Critical thinking is there none.

"As with the Jesuits, so with the new climate religion. Belief is everything. 'There are no grey areas when it comes to survival' "

And no grey areas when it comes to indoctrination of our next generation on this scale either.

So just who is behind this blatant operation to brainwash the climate change narrative into our children?

The Daily Sceptic reveals all.