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I didn't realise (I gave up paying much attention to the Telegraph a while ago) but it turns out that Bob was fired by the Telegraph - I guess that tells us all we need to know.

In past ages the court jester was permitted to poke fun at the powerful, but today even that small privilege is withheld. I suppose it's a reflection of the reach of the jester - today he can reach millions, and each picture is worth a thousand words ...

And that tells me that the war for spiritual supremacy is between the government and the governed, that "they" can't justify what they do, and that the Telegraph really is a controlled mouthpiece rather than a source of independent journalism.

Oh, and they are scared that Bob will wake us all up!

He may well, as he very generously allows publications to feature his work without charge (and to parrot our politicians' favourite response to criticisms - "Why wasn't I told?"!). As you can see, I intend to take up his kind offer.

So as a tiny contribution to redressing the balance, here is the "full documentary" about Bob, one of the UK's finest court jesters, and now generous contributor to free thinking:

(52 minutes)


 Don't forget to visit his web page.