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Arthur Firstenberg, author of "The Invisible Rainbow", probably knows as much about the effects of electromagnetism on the planet as any man alive. In his book, he documents the effects of introducing electrical technologies over the last couple of centuries, and illuminating reading it is. From the very first experiments with electricity to the rolling out of military radars and civilian cellular telephone systems, little escapes his scrutiny, and a compelling case he makes without a doubt - even if there is (as with all human endeavour) the possibility of error in regard to specific instances.

Nevertheless there is abundant scientific literature to confirm that EMFs as we know them today can be harmful.

So Arthur (founder of Cellular Phone Task Force) has written to all the delegations (download) at the COP27 to draw attention to the dangers of EMFs.

If we take the COP27 at their word in so far as Climate Change is indeed a severe threat to the planet and therefore carbon emissions must be eliminated (Net Zero), then by the same logic they should support the elimination of the real threats from EMFs (5G and above in particular) because they have the future of the planet and its ecosystems at heart.

I wouldn't hold my breath for this - after all, just as the "War on Terror" was never intended to be won, so the "War on CO2" is intended not to be won, but to be used to confuse the masses into accepting draconian control measures that will eliminate our prosperity and our freedoms. 5G 6G et al are essential elements of their incoming technological control grid, so we may expect some strategic deafness on any associated dangerous effects (effects which may conveniently be blamed on "Climate Change" in any case - no bees? Must be climate change!).

Of course, if the COP27 participants do take heed of Arthur's letter, then we will know that they have their motivations in the right place.

Still, I suspect that holding our breath may be inadvisable.