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Benjamin Fulford is a serious journalist, and someone who quite possibly has the best grasp of global geopolitical dynamics anywhere to be found.

He is currently (it being summer) enjoying a traditional summer holiday, but meanwhile he has pre-written and pre-recorded his usual weekly articles and videos.

His Monday article this week (you can skip the initial videos) will be found challenging by many, possibly to the point of outright rejection, but the trouble is that his logic does as always seem impeccable.

In this article he doesn't update us with the latest goings-on, rather with the ancient goings-on of old. His conclusion will up-end the world-view of not a few, and will shock many to their very marrow.

But my old friend Mr Logic is not to be overcome - if Ben is wrong then he is wrong because of information unknown or assumptions unwarranted, not because of faulty reasoning.

" ... years of reporting ... has revealed ... that the monotheistic faiths are mostly controlled by groups of people who themselves do not believe in God"

Whoa! The implications of that little statement need thinking through.

Happily the situation is not black and white - there is vast scope for the reinterpretation of our world-view if we have the wit to reconsider our ethical moral and religious viewpoints in the light of his message. That's a process that I've been undertaking on and off for quite a while now. It's a work-in-progress, but it works for me. 

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