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This documentary is from October 2020, but better late than never!

"They point out that the WEF's membership of 1,000 of the world's largest corporations are responsible for much of the environmental damage they now claim they will reverse"

"Without democratic accountability why should we believe they would act in our interests?"

"Global centralized economy with the core focus of 'sustainable development' across ALL industries AND daily societal life"

"Vast increases in taxes and top-down spending creating inter-connected, sustainable prosperity"

(since when have vast tax increases ever led to such?!)

Actually, this is (in my view) quite a watchable video that brings out the main features of the WEF-UN-Corporate partnership that now threatens to overturn all democratic accountability across the globe. The question we should be asking is - to whom will these global controllers be accountable?

" ... there's actually a plan for this ... and we need you to be on board ... "

There's a lot here, and many statements can be supported or denied depending entirely on one's interpretation of what is being said - and, importantly, on what is left unsaid. Ambiguity abounds.

Brainwashing at its finest - but to whose end?

Indeed, I personally would agree with many of the sound-bites that the WEF proponents constantly put forward - it's just that my direction of travel would be diametrically opposed to theirs, towards a massive decentralisation of power back to the lowest practicable level - back to the people, and away from the "elites".

But it's your call, not mine. Watch to the end - as a not inconsiderable bonus, the background music is quite relaxing .

" ... to change the perception of reality ... to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no-one is able to come to a sensible conclusion in the interests of ... themselves, their family, their community, and their country ... "

(59 minutes)


If all the above hasn't put you off,  and you feel like delving deeper (be strong!) into whither all this may be leading us ...

Technocracy News and Views comments on one Grimes (who she?) who may not be as one with Elon Musk on humanity's future prospects. Just don't linger too long over the opening picture - remember you have a life to lead.