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"This is the big story behind all the news about the US debt limit being reached, the defeat of Ukraine and the takedown of the fake Biden regime"

"Years of research uncovered the fact Rockefeller interests are behind many, many crimes including the spread of cancer. At the beginning of the 20th century, only one out of 19 people got cancer. Now it is one out of every two people. Needless to say “curing cancer” is now one of the most profitable businesses of the pharmacidical corporations they control"

"The Rockefellers also stifled human progress by suppressing energy technology that threatened their control via oil"

"This is a desperate attempt by the Rockefellers to prevent bankruptcy by forcing everyone to use digital central bank currencies they plan to issue"

"The bankruptcy of the Federal Reserve Board means the entire US financial system is imploding"

Yup, this looks like an interesting report!

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