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I am indebted to the Environmental Health Trust for this reminder that the problems of EMFs have not gone away:



Major Exposé Outlines Industry Ties Among Telecom, Government, Scientists, and International Agencies
The Washington Spectator has published a major exposé by investigative journalist Barbara Koeppel on industry influence into the science and policy of 5G and wireless radiation. 
Koeppel’s investigation follows the money. She details industry ties between the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, (ICNIRP), The New York Times, the American Cancer Society, and scientists professing that 5G is safe.
Please share this investigation with your elected officials, friends and family.
Koeppel’s 7,000-word report features numerous US and international scientists and experts discussing corporate power’s influence on scientific discourse and reveals stunning ties between global telecommunications companies and federal agencies.
Koeppel presents the research of EHT president Devra Davis PhD, MPH and Om Gandhi Sc.D., Electrical Engineering, on children’s unique vulnerability to wireless radiation. She also cites the investigation by EHT into the CDC’s website pages on wearables and non-ionizing radiation, which found that several pages were drafted in consultation with an industry-tied consultant.