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Environmental Health Trust

The EHT has been studying the effects of wireless radiation for many years and has been taking the FCC to task for failing to uphold their responsibilites. Whilst the EHT is based in America, their activties, like the 5G roll-out, are global.

In particular, they recently (May 2020) published a UK specific Review of the Health Risks of Radio Frequency Radiation Employed in 5G Technology and the Implications for UK Policymaking.

A primary finding of this report is that there are significant conflicts of interest among the regulatory agencies involved:

"ICNIRP scientists were not going to judge their own guidelines unsafe. Thus, they had a significant conflict of interest which compromised the entire decision-making process on UK policy towards RFR and public health, specifically, the introduction of 5G".

"It must be remembered the guidelines focus on technical issues and present safety recommendations for the thermal effects of non-ionizing RFR at high-levels of exposure over the short-term measured in minutes. They effectively ignore or deny the existence of non-thermal effects on adults and children and long-term exposure to RFR at low levels".


Save Us Now are a political and judicial campaign to educate the public and halt the roll-out of 5G in the UK. Their assertion is that 5G as being rolled out (initially in Gateshead but now also in major cities across the UK) is based on military technology and in practical effect constitutes a weapons system (I am not qualified to confirm or deny that assertion).

Mark (AKA Anthony) Steele also has a youtube channel where he regularly posts videos (but you do need to understand Geordie . . . ). Well, he did have until Youtube cancelled him (along with so many others). Perhaps he is doing something right?

Find his work on Bitchute here.

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5G and Covid-19?

(07/04/2020) A timely article in Independence Daily points out some intriguing facets of the possible (so far unproven) relationship between the 5G roll-out locations and the main Covid-19 clusters. All very tenuous, but surely enough to raise eyebrows and ask relevant questions? So why the seemingly automatic reflex of our government to rubbish any possible connection . . .?



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