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Lucky Dip

  • Martin Reviews his Wayward Past


    But he is using his experience to reflect upon the way in which spirituality affects and transforms everything it touches.

    Food for thought indeed.


  • Down the Rabbit Hole to ... mid July?


    Readers not yet introduced to my "Down the Rabbit Hole" series are advised to read my other 'Down the Rabbit Hole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the Rabbit Hole 1, before continuing...

    Clif High is a polymath who does seem to have a habit of being right about an extraordinary number of things - and indeed he did forecast an "event" for October 2023 (which turned out to be the Oct 7th Hamas insurgency into Israel). He has form.

    Here he is providing some of his background to new readers, plus a review of what he suspects may be a new event about to occur in mid July 2024.

    Maybe we should take note...

    (NB: for "woo humans" read "conspiracy theorists" or "those who are prepared to think outside the box". Oh, and "welcome to

  • Legal Mumbo-Jumbo Explained ... Do Try to Keep Up!


    We have featured a few articles recently by : POSTMASTER-GENERAL: Russell-Jay: Gould and no doubt many will be doubtful that his activities could actually be central to our legal existence.

    So here we have another explanation (inevitably from the American point of view, but we are talking here of a global system so it doesn't only affect Americans).

    The Quantum Grammar so-called is key here because it supersedes / overrides the original way of writing contracts, since it is unambiguous. No doubt we will all get used to it in time...

    (81 minutes)


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  • Bring Back the Hanging Gardens of Babylon


    We have approached this topic before, in a memorable interview (below) by Del Bigtree with Zach Bush back in 2020 which covered a variety of current-day ills.

    "That this is the exact opposite of what the U.N./W.E.F. want –  which is to force people into fifteen minute prison cities with rural areas left to carbon sinks – is just another example of reality flowing like water around fascist-erected obstacles"

    This is how the world should be developing:

    "if only 11 percent of current farmland were turned to restoration, all of the supposed excess carbon emissions of man

  • The Playground of the 4th Dimension


    Richard Vobes is famously open to challenging our interpretations of the world in which we live, and in this interview with Allegedly Dave  he delves deep into the rabbit hole to pull out...   well, you'll just have to watch the video. Stand by for some staggering revelations.

    (61 minutes)


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  • Uncritical / Unthinking


    What is the opposite of critical thinking?

    At this election time, there's a lot of thinking / unthinking going on.

    And the result could be important.

    Will the future belong to those with the right attitude, and / or those who believe the right things?

    What is "right" anyway? And how do we recognise it?

    John Droz Jr takes us through the loops... but where we will end up is, as always, up to you...

  • The Crisis in Our Farming


    UK Column interview Mark Byford - providing a very worrying deep dive into how government actions and NWO agendas are seriously impacting our farming communities.

    Is food security still manageable in the United Kingdom?

    Is it manageable in those countries from which we import the balance of the food that we don't grow ourselves?

    "Most farmers do not want subsidies, what they want is a fair price for the food they produce"

    But how to get there?

    (93 minutes)



  • Three Million Excess Deaths in 47 Countries?


    A Dutch study has reviewed the aftermath of the Covid pharmaceutical interventions and concluded that the statistics of all-cause mortality from 2020 to 2022 for the 47 countries for which data was available are cause for concern.

    "Their study is one of the few to examine excess deaths on a global level - a recent and disturbing phenomenon that has virtually been ignored by governments and the mainstream media"

    "Also, it is one of the few to dare point to the massive elephant in the room: the experimental COVID-19 'vaccines' that were heralded as 'safe and effective' "

    "The results showed that the Pfizer trial had a 36% higher risk of serious adverse events in the vaccine group. The Moderna trial had a 6% higher risk of serious adverse events among vaccine recipients"

    Global Freezing Incoming?


    Why is it that politicians always seem to suffer from a reality gap?

    In so far as the gap between the fantasy of their fondly-imagined future and the current reality of the state of the nation always seems to be a chasm too far for them to even comprehend, let alone to bridge?

    It's as if they really believe that all they have to do is to tell us where they want us to be in the future, and someone else will do all the hard graft to work out how to get us all there, and then actually get us all there, whatever obstacles may be encountered along the way.

    Perhaps we voters should send engineers to Parliament rather than politicians, since engineers are accustomed to producing products that work - but then wouldn't that mean that we would have to work with the defective products now produced by all those useless displaced politicians?

    "It is no longer possible for either party to pretend that we can decarbonise

  • Fiscal Creep? It's a Drag


    Can we count the ways in which our governments pick our pockets? 

    Nick Hubble wonders if we can recognise the half of it.

    In an election year, you would think that this might be a hot topic... but I haven't noticed it discussed much, if at all.

    Yet monetary policy as shaped by the Bank of England plus the Treasury and the Chancellor of the Exchequer is the inevitable underlying cause - the same underlying cause that has been underlying since time immemorial.

    You'd think it would be a hot topic by now, but somehow not. Perhaps it's too well camouflaged, or perhaps being taxed makes us feel somehow virtuous?!

    Maybe we should ask our parliamentary candidates...


  • GESARA NESARA Federal Reserve QFS and All That


    I could just as well have entitled this article "Clif High Strikes Again", since I imagine that there are many good souls out there who may take issue with his analysis of the current global monetary situation and how it may be likely to develop.

    The fact is that everybody can be wrong, there have been and still are forces of deceit rampant everywhere, and making a 100% correct assessment of where we are and where we are going with monetary systems is especially treacherous territory.

    Everybody can be wrong, even Clif High!

    My own intuition is that if Clif is wrong, then nobody is right, but I can be wrong too...

    So here for the bending of the mind around intractable uncertainties, Clif High explains his thinking about where the global monetary systems have been, how we came to be where we now are, and what may develop in the proximate future.

  • What New Fakery is This?


    No, we can no longer take stuff we find on the internet at face value - but we knew that already, didn't we?

    Is this guy for real?

    Am I for real?

    Is NVidia for real?

    And are their simulation results for real, and... how would we know?

    Does that old maxim "Garbage in, garbage out" still apply? Or is it consigned to the trash-can?

    I wonder who supplies their electric power...

    And yes, it's your view that counts. Welcome to the hot seat!

    (74 minutes)


  • The BCS - Quick Off the Starting Line!


    Yes, digital technology is the very foundation of our modern society, for better or worse. It's a tool that can be used, indeed really has to be used these days, and whether for good or evil is down to the motivation of the user.

    The BCS indeed has been at the forefront of regulating for the digital age, being the power behind the original Data Protection Act (whatever you may think of that fairly cumbersome package).

    So it's off to the races elections today with its proposals for the next government's policies on regulation of, and education about, the Great British Digital space in all its forms.

    Yes it has all the essential nods toward matters DEI which some may feel unnecessary, but my only caveat would be that DEI must never come at the expense of excellence, nor at the expense of freedom for

  • How We the People Can Change Our Democratic System!


    The First Past the Postsystem is regarded by many as unsatisfactory, and various countries use alternative systems designed to be "fairer" in that they give political parties seats in proportion to the numbers of votes that they receive at elections.

    Sounds good, no? But it cements power into the hands of the political parties, so that independent MPs become as rare as hens' teeth.

    Looking around the world, it's not obvious that these result in better outcomes. The increase in complexity simply makes it more difficult to understand (and possibly easier to obfuscate any cheating!).

    Anyway, in the UK we have a system which the incumbent MPs are extremely reluctant to change, so can we the people take the initiative and use it as is today to get what we the people want?

    So what is wrong with the way we work it currently?


  • Biggest Conspiracy Theory in the World?


    I hope that long-time readers may forgive me for featuring this film again, but events this year do seem to be building to a climax as established forms of government become ever more dysfunctional all around the world, warring parties are ever more irreconcilable, the threat of nuclear war continues to ramp up, and the WEF WHO and "global boiling" become ever more ridiculous.

    How can this be?

    It's a long story, partially explained in the video below.

    Whether or not you have seen it before, you may be shocked, and you will likely reject it out of hand as preposterous...  but wait! Since when has preposterousness been a bar to being

  • The Fauci Fabrications of Fear


    Four years on, and the US House Committee on Oversight and Accountability seems to have sprung belatedly into action.

    So it's finally official, it was all made up.

    So what will they do about it?

    What will we do about it?

    Vote them out!

  • Alternative Transcendence Incoming?


    Five years ago the notion of transcendence was not exactly on anybody's lips, beyond perhaps some religious cults or eastern faiths.

    It is true that the Bible relates that Christ ascended into Heaven after reappearing to his apostles following his resurrection, but modern day Christians have in general no expectation of ascending/transcending in like manner.

    I believe that the Buddha is believed to have transcended into Nirvana, although I could be wrong about this and the precise meaning of words here is probably elusive to most modern western populations.

    It appears however that "transcendence" (whatever its meaning) may be on offer from an unsuspected source, namely technology...  according to the good folk who are intent to bring us the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    " 'Enhanced' humans... will possess new superhuman abilities and will defeat their own mortality with routine

  • Light to Dark 2 - Where Are the Fact Checkers?


    When Sir Keir is anointed PM shortly as many claim to expect, will things get better or worse?

    Well, the cost of energy is more of less the determinant of a nation's prosperity, so if it rises then all our costs wax and our real prosperity wanes, whilst if the cost of energy falls then our costs wane and our real prosperity waxes.

    Too easy?

    Well, never mind, we can trust our politicians to make it more complicated than that, and one of the ways they do this is to cherry-pick which costs they include and which they exclude, and then to apply fiendishly complex market (-fixing) mechanisms and stealth taxes that all somehow act to increase the price we pay.

    They have had many years of practice at this so it has now become an almost impossible task to extricate the robust reality from the exquisite intricacy of the calculations.

    "The Labour Party will create Great

  • Flat Earth "Explained"


    The Flat Earth theory is much in prominence these days, and whilst I don't necessarily reject it out of hand, a lot of people cite biblical reference to support it, and we are discovering gradually that much of what we were taught in school and elsewhere is just flat out (sorry, couldn't resist) wrong.

    So should we give the flat earth theory credence?

    I wouldn't rule it out, although I wouldn't rule it in either, as there are too many facets about it that don't make much sense to me.

    Do we really live on a flat cake dish under a glass dome to keep us fresh and clean for customers in Café Universe? What does that say about the customers and the café? And about us?!

    Will it all make sense in the future? I cannot say, but I can say that this little exercise in explaining how it works is probably the best I have seen so far.

    Moe seriously, it leaves a number of

  • They Do Things Differently in Japan - Perhaps We Should Pay Attention?


    We could be forgiven for believing that ever since WW2, both the UK and Japan were under the same sort of financial control as the USA.

    Apparently not quite...

    But what does the future hold?

    Nick Hubble explains the impossibilities and contradictions... but what do they mean and can they be resolved?

    And what does demographic decline mean and how did Japan (and how might we) cope with it?

    (26 minutes)


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