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  • Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock's plan for permanent crisis in the UK


    Politico blows the whistle on the government's crazy response to the Covid situation:


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    For what it's worth, I think Politico is spot on.

  • Snowblind - Events and Consequences


    Andy Thomas is a long-time speaker, lecturer, researcher - and organiser of the Glastonbury Symposium (no topic off-limits?), which unhappily had to be brutally restructured this year from the usual full three day event down to a one day Zoom call.

    This video is taken from his presentation on that zoom call, back at the end of July, and it is interesting to consider where we were then against where we are now, in November.

    Whatever your take on this year's happenings, Andy is noted for his impartiality, objectivity, and meticulous search for and analysis of the evidence. I'm sure you will find much to contemplate here:


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  • Dispatches from the War . . .


    . . . but from the war on what?

    John Rappoport may seem uncompromising but is he wrong? He makes a great deal of sense to me, so I have little hesitation in featuring items from his blog on this site even though not everyone will agree with everything he says.

    He doesn't pull any punches.

    Here are his latest thoughts on vote fraud, lawyers, COVID vaccine, Biden plan, police powers, the Constitution. To which one might add the media attempting to usurp the power of the Electoral College to announce the next president of the United States - and various politicians from around the world falling in line.

    And in case you are wondering, I have no financial or other interest whatever in anybody buying any of his products (but feel free to sign up for his free newsletter).


  • LittleJohn Speaks


    Richard LittleJohn in the Daily Mail tells it as he sees it, no hold barred.

    "You can sleep with your wife but can't play tennis with her".

    The word "lies" features.

    "It’s a fact, not a ‘projection’, that 99.5 per cent of people who contract coronavirus recover from it. Many don’t even display symptoms." He doesn't mention where he gets that "fact" from but he's probably in the right ball-park.

    Good to see more and more articles in the mainstream that challenge the absurdities of lockdown.

    See more of his articles in the Mail on-line.

  • 'We've closed all of Cornwall down for three people in hospital'


    The Daily Mail reveals what is really going on in "our" NHS. A whistle-blower has publicly resigned after revealing that "she 'had no work for three weeks' at the height of the pandemic.

    Somehow I don't believe that she will be the last whistle-blower to come forward. Will the whole house of cards come crashing down shortly? Probably not, but the cracks are beginning to show.

    Meanwhile the Daily Telegraph takes apart the Covid projections that purported to show that the NHS was on course to be overwhelmed unless Boris took drastic lock-down action. If the government can't ensure that it's basic evidence is reasonably bullet-proof than what hope for it?

    And strangely, we now learn that Rishi Sunak has extended furlough until March even though the lock-down is scheduled to end on 2nd December. Are these the actions of a government that is responding to the Covid pandemic as it unfolds, or is this Covid project running on rails . . . ?

  • Sir Desmond Tells it Like it Is


    Sir Desmond is here interviewed by Jonathan Saxty of Brexit Watch.

    Some of us who have seen his recent interventions in the House of Commons may be familiar with his admirable clarity of thought and exposition. Here he reviews the status of the Covid Lockdown, moving on to give his views on the current state of the Brexit negotiations.


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  • Bonfire of Our Freedoms - Parliament Nods it Through - Plus Kristi Noem, Governor of South Dakota


    On this 5th day of November 2020 we mark the fact that Parliament for a second time simply nodded away our freedoms, with no real attempt to question the validity of the undoubtedly controversial "science" that our Government (Boris and Matt) is relying on, or to ensure that the collateral damage that will inevitably ensue has been properly assessed against the alleged risks to health and to the NHS.

    Parliament now cannot escape the charge that it is either complicit or asleep on the job.

    Viv Evans in Independence Daily sums up the thoughts of many.


    Also today Professor David Miles CBE is interviewed on London Real, redressing the balance on collateral damage even if he doesn't seriously challenge the "science". Full marks to Brian Rose for giving the matter an airing.

    David is Professor of Financial Economics at the Imperial College in London.


    And finally - Yup - there's a third item to this thread, this time from freedom loving governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, speaking at Hillsdale College before the US

  • "Some Form of Normality" is Coming?


    Dave Cullen casts a wearied Irish eye over the latest covidiocies to be inflicted upon these isles in the run up to whatever Christmas has in store for us.

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    Here he is again, putting two and two together to make . . .     well, you decide!


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  • Stay scared, Control the individual, Save the bureaucracy!


    Brexit-Watch weigh in on Covid? What is going on?

    "What has gone terribly wrong is the Government and its associated apparatus of the state does not trust us. In effect they say we are not intelligent, or responsible enough to make our own choices based on widely available evidence. The man from the ministry knows best and you, little person, aren’t competent to make up your own mind. That is the road to serfdom."

    This has been coming a long time. The choice we are offered is between freedom and "safety". in 1949 we chose freedom, but who will lead us to freedom today?

    Apparently not the Danes, who are reportedly about to exterminate their mink population - because of Covid! How long before we start to exterminate farm animals "because of Covid" and will it matter that we starve as a result? Only asking . . .

  • Brian Rose Interviews Dr Rashid Buttar


    Dr Buttar is one of the most outspoken doctors in America, and has not hesitated to call out the many mistakes that he alleges the governing classes have made in response to the Covid pandemic.

    Brian Rose is perhaps the most outspoken man in London, proprietor of London Real and the Digital Freedom Platform, dedicated to free speech and to providing the means by which those censored by other platforms can be heard.

    The result as might be expected is an interview which will certainly not find favour in many quarters. Do you dare to listen?

    90 minutes - but shorter clips are also available at the same URL cool

  • Reform UK Party Launched to Challenge Lockdown!


    The Reform UK Party will favour a nuanced approach founded upon the principles of the Great Barrington Declaration, allowing the majority of the economy to remain open.

    Brexit Watch brings us an interview with Richard Tice to explain all:


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  • The Shape of Things to Come?


    Couldn't happen here? Watch and make up your own mind.

  • How Spreading Covid-19 Hysteria Will Backfire for the Covid-19 Vaccine


    The AIER explains the practical implications of rushing out a Covid vaccine.

  • Sue the British Government for False Imprisonment


    Tim Price has had enough - contribute to his Go-Fund-Me campaign here.

    "The funds will be used to pay legal fees for an action against the government on the grounds of false imprisonment, i.e. that the lockdown was never legal in the first case. All Britons who care about their freedom are invited to participate"


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  • The Aussies Strike Back!


    "Australians are having a Globalist Agenda pushed upon them . . .  "

  • Covid as at Wk 43 - November Lockdown Announced!


    Now that Boris has made the fatal announcement (before consulting Parliament), there will be no going back. Indeed, already certain sources are puffing the idea that the lockdown will not end in December . . .

    So I have done my own research into the latest figures for Wk 43, to see if anything has changed since week 42.

    The Public Health England week 44 (up to week 43) (download here) “flu-like” report shows Covid positive tests ever-rising – so maybe we have it (or maybe we don’t - the test isn't definitive and is known to give false positive results anyway), but if we aren’t getting sick then who cares? As usual these meaningless numbers are analysed every which way, but can’t tell us who is sick and who is not. They are a travesty.

    So if we want hard facts we must look to the hardest facts presented which may be the most difficult to fudge - deaths.

    “Covid” deaths are shown rising (continuing the trajectory evident for week 42), “flu” deaths are still flat-lining as close to zero as may be, and “excess deaths from all causes” now rising just slightly above the expectation for this time of year. However,

  • Covid, Covid, Wherefore Art Thou, Covid?


    Gemma O'Doherty is speaking from an Irish perspective, but we are all in the same boat, facing the same problem, and she quotes from a response to an FOI request made to the UK Department of Health and Social Care:


  • A Contagion of Hatred and Hysteria


    Dr Sunetra Gupta is now a well-known scientist and epidemiologist at the University of Oxford. In this article published by the AIER she explores the aftermath of the Great Barrington Declaration (which she co-authored).

    "This refusal to cherish the value of the scientific method strikes at the heart of everything I, as a scientist, hold dear. To me, the reasoned exchange of ideas is the basis of civilised society"

    "But Covid-19 is not a political phenomenon. It is a public health issue — indeed, it is one so serious that the response to it has already led to a humanitarian crisis"

    I suspect that she may now realise that the first part of this quotation is as incorrect as it is possible to be.

    "For the simple truth is that Covid-19 will not just go away if we continue to impose enough meaningless restrictions on ourselves. And the longer we fail to recognise this, the worse will be the permanent economic damage — the brunt of which, again, will be borne by the disadvantaged and the young"

    Highly recommended.

  • The Covid Face of Socialist Tyranny


    Now does seem to be the time to wonder why our supposedly democratic UK government is so hell-bent on locking everyone down, despite the now pretty clear fact that "the pandemic" blew itself out in June.

    But wait - the second wave is upon us! Cases are shooting up! Deaths are rising! Not just in the UK either, all of Europe is within its grip!

    At this point I call upon the ever beguiling and unflappable Ivor Cummins to straighten out the facts from the hysteria:


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    To confirm his point, here is the graph of excess deaths of all causes for England (PHE's Weekly national Influenza and COVID-19 surveillance report - up to wk 42):

  • Has Covid Killed Off the Flu?


    The Daily Mail poses the question, noting that "influenza cases nosedive by 98% across the globe"!

    I would ask if it's more a question of 'has Covid killed off those susceptible to flu?'. If that's the case then we would expect flu+covid together to look like the flu does most years - but does it?

    The figures are tricky to interpret. The Public Health England Report for week 43 (up to week 42 - download here) provides interesting reading. There are reams of analysis concerning the "cases" identified by testing - but we know that the PCR tests are not reliable, a positive result is not a medical "case" until diagnosed by a doctor, and to talk of increasing "cases" in absolute numbers is not based upon statistical random sampling and takes no account of the number of tests actually done; if it indicates anything it indicates potential "cases" discovered rather than potential "cases" per head of population. The whole testing reporting regime is so full of holes that it cannot be taken seriously.

    So in cavalier fashion we pass over the (grossly inflated?) case figures and look at GP consultations, NHS 111 assessments, hospitalisations, and deaths attributed to Covid, in the hope that these figures may