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This site does not support the two-party system (or any party system).

We do support independent candidates.

Is this the guy to rock the establishment to its core? (See Bookies' odds)

Your decision.


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 More on Brian's support for Freedom and Free Speech.


Lockdown Sceptics put their Covid questionnaire to London's Mayoral candidates -


  • Should London be opening quicker than the current roadmap?

  • What changes would you like to see immediately?

  • What do you think have been the biggest mistakes of the lockdown?

  • Do you support vaccine passports for international travel?

  • Do you support vaccine passports for domestic use?

  • When do you think Londoners should return to the office?

  • When should international travel be restored?


Strangely, they only sent the questionnaire to "sceptical" candidates, so the responses are a bit one-sided . . .


All bar one responded.


Laurence Fox, actor, founder of the Reclaim Party, interviewed for the Rubin Report:


 On his new political Party:


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"Reclaim London, Reclaim Your Freedom"



Read the interview Lawrence gave to the Evening Standard.


More from Lawrence - how he will fare against Brian Rose remains to be seen. Should they get together? Does one of them need to stand down? Could they run on a joint team ticket?


See more here.


What's this?

A London Mayoral Candidate with an ambitious vision?

If he can pull this off he will deserve all that comes his way . . .   more power to his elbow!