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  • EDI = Self-Censorship - and We Pay For It!


    EDI 30 years ago used to be Electronic Data Interchange, but since the internet made that passé, the TLA has been co-opted for "Equity Diversity and Inclusivity".

    And there's a whole media and financial industry sprung up to enforce it. Who financed that?

    It isn't clear that EDI has any positive financial implications, since in business, getting the best person for the job is likely to achieve the best financial results, all other things being equal; but since when did crusading politics care for financial results in the real world?

    So who is paying for all this now?

    We are.

  • Hidden History of the Khazarian Mafia - Parts One & Two


    This is a History of the World as you have never been able to access before... and not for the faint of heart. Relax, it's over - if it wasn't, we wouldn't be watching it now.

    Part One: Who Are You?

    (96 minutes)


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    Part Two: Who Are They?

    (2 hrs 26 mins)


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  • The Biggest Fraud in the World?


    That is quite an assertion.

    I have no information, but I know of a man who clams to have supportive information.

    (56 minutes)


    This is the link to find Gary's evidence: 


    Tutorial video link to help people find their own evidence:

  • Medical Democide?


    Was the alleged pandemic an excuse to kill the elderly?

    Was it simple incompetence?

    Or something else?

    It's your view that counts.

    (72 minutes)


    (Presented by CHD, UK Column)

  • Systematic Corruption?


    Richard Vobes investigates... the worst type of corruption.

    This needs to be investigated and heard in open court so that justice can be seen to be done. It is intolerable in a civilised society that such accusations can be left to fester unaddressed.

    (57 minutes)


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  • The Cass Review - Portent of Transanity?


    The Cass Review, as I need hardly remind everyone (!) is an "Independent review of gender identity services for children and young people".

    Quite why we old relics are excluded from gender identity services, or perhaps merely from the independent review, is unclear, but maybe lack of demand had something to do with it, even though that same lack of demand didn't seem to stop them including children and young people.

    Or maybe we old relics were too stuck in our ways to be manipulated into having ourselves so hideously reassigned, we may never know. Surely more research is needed?

    Anyway, the review may not have turned out too favourably for the woke crowd, for whom nothing as traditional as the concept of a man and woman getting together to create a family and further the human race independently of state control, can be left unchallenged and

  • It's All About Our Children - They are Under Attack


    Neil Oliver spells it out.

    "Children are a product, for sale"

    "All mass movements are hostile to the family"

    "The concept of the family is under attack"

    (18 minutes)


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  • Freedom of Choice? Of Course Sir, Tory Labour or LibDem?


    I suspect, I hope, I have faith that political life in this country is growing up.

    In many places now we see the stirrings of disillusion, the crumbling of the assumption so assiduously cultivated until now, that having a choice of political parties at elections equates to freedom of choice.

    What matters to the man on the Clapham Omnibus is not the colour of the party in power, but whether its policies are to the overall benefit of the people. We see now more clearly than perhaps ever before that on the policies that matter to the WEF, all major parties are at one with the monarchy.

    There was a time when Parliament was happy to project the views of the people to the monarch and act as a restraint upon the monarch's power - Charles I took the fall in 17th century to achieve that status quo, yet here we are in the twenty first century with Charles III in close cahoots with the WEF corporate global oligarchs, and a supine Parliament in full lockstep with

  • Fulford Monday Report - 12 Feb 2024


    "There can be no doubt now that regime change is happening in the Western world"

    The pace of change is increasing and keeping tabs on everything is correspondingly difficult.

    The farmers revolts are spreading, with even the English emulating their Gallic friends across the channel (although I have yet to see reports of English town halls being treated to a brisk hosing down with legendary farming materials - maybe they still have some tips to learn from the Yetties). 

    And of course "that interview" unaccountably seems to be causing ructions amongst certain groups, even if Mr Putin was very circumspect in his history lesson. It doesn't seem to have done his popularity any harm.

  • When is an Abortion a Murder?


    There comes a time when we must call out stupidity, especially when it is clearly part of an unstated agenda, and thus deliberate.

    "... pro-abortion MPs, Stella Creasy and Diana Johnson, have tabled two extreme abortion up to birth amendments in an attempt to hijack the Government’s flagship Criminal Justice Bill"

    The "abortion debate", characterised slightly less than fully appropriately by the slogan "my body my choice" has been pushed for many years, but when parliamentarians try to insert changes to the rules (to push the envelope into the range of viable births) via amendments to other Bills, and the RCOG decide to discipline medics who report illegal abortions to the relevant authorities, something is clearly adrift with the nation's moral compass, not to mention its legal compass and medical compass.

    So without wishing to get entangled in the weeds of the abortion controversy per se (I am after all merely an ignorant male father who

  • Fulford Report Monday 22 Jan 2024


    Ben's report today is essential reading.

    "Many monotheists think we are facing end times. The reality is we are facing beginning times"

    "I will start by summarizing my personal involvement in this war... a massive war that has literally been raging for thousands of years"

    "An ancient group mind or cult, known in folklore as 'Satan', is about to be defeated"

    No pressure then.

    Modest subscription required for immediate access.


  • Israel on Trial at ICJ


    Irish lawyer Blinne Ní Ghrálaigh KC is reportedly part of South Africa’s legal team that has lodged an application against Israel, with respect to their actions in Gaza, in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague.

    The allegation is "genocide".

    This is her address to the ICJ.

    (30 minutes)


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  • This Should Upset the Apple Cart


    In the holiday spirit we continue with another article that a great many may find absurd, offensive, unnecessary, and so on.

    I'm not going to make any comment on any of that, but I do believe that there are many references in ancient literature (yes, including the Bible) that support Clif High's thesis here. It's not the proverbial "rocket science", but it does conflict squarely with the notion that the King James Bible is the unadulterated "Word of God". If you are firmly wedded to that notion and firmly resolved to treat any conflicting idea as the "work of the Devil", then I suggest that you skip this article. 

    If I am guided by evidence and logic, rather than the dogma of the "KJV immaculate", then logic says that between the original Bible texts being written and the KJV translation being completed, there was ample opportunity for the Devil to work his mischief (and/or for humanity

  • Sonia Poulton Speaks


    "What kind of investigative journalist are you if the government aren't watching you?"

    A good question.

    The answer is quite long at 1 hr 20m, and won't meet with universal approval by any stretch of the imagination, but if it's OK for YouTube to host then I guess it's OK for everyone.

    For those unfamiliar with her work, Sonia has been engaged in the investigation of crimes such as child abuse and associated activity for many years, famously but by no means limited to the Madeleine McCann case, and in the course of which she has run up against the alleged involvement of people in high places.

    "... I was given access to a BBC laptop... captured all the minutes of meetings between BBC executives and the government ... I was able to see how in charge of things the government were in terms of the BBC... "

    So how many people in the UK are

  • Another View from Gaza


    This is another opinion from personal experience of the Hamas/Gaza/Israel problem.

    He strikes me as sincere, and his viewpoints are from his own very direct experience.And his experience is from both sides of the fence.

    Whether he draws the correct conclusions from his experience is something to ponder - the Deep State runs very deep and knows no national boundaries. We know that their modus operandi is to play both sides to achieve their ends, and to state that doesn't invalidate anything presented here.

    "Hamas without chaos cannot survive"

    (5 minutes)


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  • Bring Back the Classics of Our Youth!


    Guy de la Bédoyère is my kind of man - Heck, he even grew up on my old stomping ground!

    Reading this piece is reliving my own youth - it just needs the scent of steamed syrup pudding and custard to be overwhelming.

    I have to admit that having spent much of my adult life looking forward to achievements not yet met, to be dumped back into my childhood and adolescence so unceremoniously is arresting(despite the omission of "Dixon of Dock Green"), and prompts a degree of introspection - what have I done with my life, and what was it all for?

    Guy is right - in those days we had dreams. Exciting dreams. Entertaining dreams. Encouraging dreams. Dreams worth dreaming.

    What dreams do our kids have now?  Deadly pandemics? Climate armageddon? Gender dysphoria? Terrorism? World war 3? the Collapse of

  • The Delingpod - Featuring Brian Gerrish


    The story of Brian Gerrish, his time in the Navy, his time as a journalist at UK Column, and his viewpoint on how our UK government really operates.

    "... you're talking about a multi-billion pound industry... children as a commodity are worth a fortune"

    And that's not the half of it.

    If you want to know how our governing classes operate, watch to the end.


    (2 hrs 1 min)



  • Reiner Fuellmich Interviews MK Ultra Survivor


    Cathy O'Brien has lived through more than anyone should have to live through - child abuse - paedophilia - torture - occult rites - MK Ultra mind-control.

    Why is this important? These factors are utilised by those in power to draw suitable candidates into their web of corruption and blackmail through which they can potentially control anyone and everyone in any position of power and/or influence.

    As practised by powerful families over many generations. It goes back a long way, including the post-war Operation Paperclip.


    Make of this what you will...

    (88 minutes)



  • Covid - the Undead Pandemic that Refuses to Die (in the Minds of "Regulators")


    Words fail.

    A new Covid "booster" jab - for children? 

    Children who by every known metric were never (even at the height of the "pandemic") at any serious risk from Covid are being invited - nay, "bribed" even - to take part in a trial for a new Covid "booster" that will certainly come with associated and probably serious "side effects". Only for the "unlucky few" of course.

    A "booster" that is only required because the original jab didn't provide the promised protection.

    Would you go back to eat in the same restaurant that served you a bad meal the first time?

    The White Rose takes this suggestion apart.

    Meanwhile Conservative MP

  • The Sound of Freedom


    Iain Davis, writing for UK Column, reviews the reactions of the critics to this film, released so far in the US and not yet in the UK.

    "The Sound of Freedom" was made pre-Covid (was there such a time?!) in cooperation with Operation Underground Railroad and isn't new - yet it has only recently been released for public viewing. That delay in itself makes for an interesting sub-plot - did nobody want to recoup their investment?

    The film isn't about railroads, but about human trafficking - in particular, the trafficking and exploitation of children. So it's about shining some public light on something that the perpetrators would very much rather keep under wraps.

    Neither Iain nor I have seen the film, but the reactions of the press may perhaps tell us something.

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