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  • The EU won't let us trade normally - either with a deal or on Aussie terms


    Facts4EU report on the pernicious effect of the Withdrawal Agreement if Boris goes WTO without changing or renouncing it. As Sir Iain Duncan Smith is quoted as saying:

    “The ability for the UK to trade normally around the world after Brexit like, for example, Australia, must surely be a minimum expectation of the British public come the end of this year.

    “Our analysis shows that this can only happen if we deal with the serious deficiencies in the Withdrawal Agreement. . ."

    Bearing in mind that he was elected on the basis of "Let's get Brexit done" he can thus either break his word to the British or he can break his word to the EU, but must do one or the other.

    Watch this space.

  • Why is the UK "Copying the EU's Failed Agricultural Policy"?


    The Spectator asks a good question - the UK is supposed to be leaving the EU, and yet . . .  our new post-EU agricultural policy is said to be developing along similar lines to the revised CAP, not so much to reward the production of food (although the removal of "green" requirements may help by enabling some land to return to agricultural use), but to reward the agri-businesses who may profit from claiming subsidies without much need to actually produce anything other than a claim on the Rural Payments Agency.


  • Current UK Government policy is not to deliver Brexit


    Facts4EU (yes, they are still going, despite Covid) remind us what a rotten withdrawal agreement Boris signed last year. There has been some speculation recently that he might repudiate it altogether as M. Barnier has not really been negotiating "in good faith" (although I'm not sure if the matter of faith was ever explicitly defined to include the concept of a deal with a fully independent sovereign UK).

    But it seems that repudiation has been ruled out. Make of that what you will . . .

  • Michael Gove reveals negotiation breakdown is "just a charade"


    Brexit Watch asks why Michael Gove has not repudiated the EU Withdrawal Agreement. If we have broken off negotiations then why not repudiate it? It's not as though the EU has been negotiating in good faith as it is obliged to do, and it's not as though the WA is of any real benefit to the UK - quite the reverse, it keeps us beholden to the EU for a great deal of money if things do not go well for their banking systems.

    Worth reading to remind ourselves of the salient facts that Covid is keeping out of the news.

  • Boris Walks!


    Boris does it - he walks away from the never-ending EU "negotiations". If we can't agree a deal after 4 years + , any other course of action would have been ridiculous (and he's in enough trouble over the Covid lock-downs without needing to look weak over Brexit as well). Mahyar Tousi has the story:

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  • Boris Blinks?


    Mahyar Tousi goes through the interminable intricacies of the lastest UK "deadline" - or was it just a negotiating ploy?


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