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Laura Dodsworth on her Substack relates the results of her investigation into HMG's use of the army and no doubt others to monitor "disinformation" - previously known as free speech by most - and plugs her book "A State of Fear" with a number of pertinent extracts. Well, she wrote it, so if she isn't entitled to plug it then I don't know who is.

She also gives a plug to Big Brother Watch's report "Ministry of Truth", which covers similar ground.

This isn't really news to those of us who have been keeping a leery eye on what our government gets up to, but it does establish quite lot of context and some details that confirm more about what these "disinformation" units were up to - and whether they were always in agreement on what constituted disinformation.

"Most of the online expression that was dealt with was lawful. It’s vital to understand that these units are not controlling misinformation and disinformation but micro-managing the flow of information which contradicts or criticises government policy"

I suppose it depends upon your definition of disinformation/misinformation ... as we have now become accustomed. Censorship doesn't care; it's whole purpose is to censor, so that's what it does. Open the can and there is no going back. 

Stalin / CIA (choose your poison) would have been proud.