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The Covid screws may have been loosened but the same censorship is evident on the Ukraine issue - no viewpoint other than the mainstream Russia Bad / Ukraine Heroic is permitted to be shared around.

Our government has no mandate from the people to sideline negotiations and to continue their proxy war against the Russians.

A referendum to decide the frontier issue was good enough for Scotland and there is no reason that the same is not good enough for the Eastern regions of the Ukraine. We had the chance to cooperate with Russia to negotiate a peace deal on that basis and to act as peacemakers, but Boris chose not to - Putin has now held his own referenda with predictable results.

" ... the dictatorship of the Western elites targets all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves. This is a challenge to all. This complete renunciation of what it means to be human, the overthrow of faith and traditional values, and the suppression of freedom are coming to resemble a “religion in reverse"

(read more here)

The UK and Europe as a whole have no causus belli against Russia. This war cannot end well. Indeed the NATO objective seems to be not to win, but to bleed Russia of men and materiel to the point where Russian leadership is discredited and Russia itself dismembered.

That is not a short term prospect - we are looking at the Vietnam war or worse all over again.

It is also a delusion. Russia will send us packing sooner rather than later but the Ukraine will (and NATO countries may) suffer devastation in the process. Gas shortages may be just the foretaste. Putin has no reverse gear. He remembers Stalingrad and he remembers the losses that Russia suffered last time around - he won't tolerate the same again and his call-up of the reserves underlines this.

He has half the world's finance backing him with the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (download), he has the industrial base and he has the fuel to drive it - we have collapsing financial systems, eviscerated industries, unparalleled fuel shortages and "leadership" skilled only in grift self-delusion and incompetence (yes, I'm being charitable here).

NATO can only 'win' this war by going all-out nuclear ...

The Russians have so far been remarkably restrained given that the UK and the US have been the cheerleaders for this proxy war, have provided training for Ukrainian troops, and have sent money and weapons (and no doubt military "advisers") in quantities that have temporarily cost the Russians in men and territory - but the set-backs won't last, nor will Russian patience with the NATO war-machine.

We have had Afghanistan, Irag, Libya, Syria (continuing), Kosovo, Yemen, and the Middle East in general for many years, and with what result?

And now the Ukraine? Where will it end? It's time to call a halt. 

Liz Truss has an opportunity to make her own mark as peacemaker - but she will need some encouragement, and only we can provide it ...

We can make a start here - share far and wide.