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Health Freedom Defense Fund has helpfully noted the actual changes to the IHR that are being pushed through at the WHO.

There is also a Declaration that you can sign if you feel so inclined.

Personally I object to petitioning Parliament lest I provide our servants in Parliament with confirmation of ideas that are already above their station, but a declaration is a different ball-game.

The WEF signed up the UN in partnership in June 2019 (just in time to help out with Covid?) so the United Nations (including the WHO) is now to all intents and purposes the political arm of the World Economic Forum.

Neither of these institutions have any democratic credentials whatsoever.

Essentially these changes accumulate powers into the hands of the Director-General. No votes by member states required. 

Certainly no need to take any account of the thousands, probably millions of medical practitioners worldwide who profoundly disagreed with the WHO's analysis yet somehow survived Covid, despite working directly with Covid patients for their living.

The omens do not seem propitious for improved health, security and freedom whilst this unaccountable cabal oversees the world, with the support of the United Kingdom.

Right on cue, showing that the WHO is not just monkeying around, the Mail is drumming up the next pandemic - and surprise! - Bill Gates has a vaccine for it! How long before SAGE is dusting off the latest projections from Imperial College, Boris is sternly prestigitating to the nation, and the NHS clears its decks of its cancer patients and those already ill, for another vaccine roll-out to the still healthy?

Form an orderly queue.

PS: They did a Table-top Simulation in 2021 ...