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The Defender (Children's Health Defense) publishes an update on the sorry story of the reckless roll-out of the 5G networks - reckless in as much as the authorities at the Federal Communications Commission have deliberately failed to ensure that these wave-bands will be safe in general usage.

"The authors of a peer-reviewed study published Tuesday warned about the risks of exposure to radiation from 5G technology and said their research shows existing exposure limits for wireless radiation are inadequate, outdated and harmful to human health and wildlife"

Scientists Call for Moratorium on 5G After Study Shows Regulators Ignoring Health Risks of Radiation

This comes as no surprise to those of us who remember Tom Wheeler, the then chair of the FCC, explaining (20th June 2016) why safety regulation was going to take a back seat to the need to dominate this new market. It now seems that 'taking a back seat' actually means 'never being done'.

This should be compulsory viewing for all, as he tells us straight up that the FCC (one may assume like other such regulatory bodies) is 100% captured by the industry it is charged to regulate.

Watch and marvel at his brazen insouciance:

(9 minutes)