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There are days when I think I might as well give up this site and just direct everyone to Richard Vobes' YouTube channel, but he does interview such excellent people that I can't just pass over what he does simply because he's taking my site over! Maybe in due course I may get the opportunity to walk away, but that time is not quite here yet.

Here he is talking to Marc Horn from Peace Keepers, and his discussion on the basic origins of the Coronation Oath, our constitution, the Bill of Rights, principles of equity, the common law, and Parliamentary legislation makes a great deal of sense to me. We really do need to choose our authorities carefully and understand the basic constructs, from first principles. The principles may be quite simple, but because they are unfamiliar, and some seem to prefer to misrepresent them, reorienting our understanding requires some re-working of our assumptions, both explicit and implicit.

(60 minutes)


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