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  • It Ain't Chess Any More


    With Russian Federation forces unfazed in the Ukraine and Zelensky looking at scraping a barrel already empty of additional men and NATO munitions, Scott Ritter updates us on the latest geopolitics.

    As always, politicians on the ropes are not conducive to good decision-making. If you cannot win under the current rules, then what to do? Start playing a different game...

    (38 minutes)


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  • Federal Justice Strikes Back


    Attacks on free speech are nothing new:

    " 'For if men are to be precluded from offering their sentiments... reason is of no use to us; the freedom of speech may be taken away, and dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep, to the slaughter.' George Washington"

    "The principal function of free speech under the United States’ system of government is to invite dispute; it may indeed best serve its high purpose when it induces a condition of unrest, creates dissatisfaction with conditions as they are, or even stirs people to anger"

    How does that sit with the concept of "hate speech" then?

    " 'Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the free acts of speech' Benjamin Franklin"

    The Biden administration

    Grass Roots Strike Back!


    Glastonbury, Isle of Avalon, land of myths and legends, ancient sacred site, home of the Tor, standing astride the Michael and Mary lines, and now one of a number of local communities that are igniting a push-back against the globalist "green" agendas of 15-minute cities, low emission zones, central bank digital currencies, etc.

    Glastonbury, the world sees you, and is inspired by you.

    (4 minutes)


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  • GWPF Dr Benny Peiser Down Under


    A calm discussion comparing the status of energy provision in Australia with the state that pertains in the UK and Europe.

    The discussion may be calm but the upcoming consequences of the current political trajectories may be a very long way from calm.

    The northern hemisphere has been subjected to what we might call accelerated shock in terms of energy supply (due to the sanctions in support of the Ukraine) which has had some effect in concentrating minds.

    "... they are telling the armed forces to decarbonise... "

    How are matters likely to unfold in the future?

    As usual, the issue is dominated by the politics, but might the market respond and save the day?

    Maybe not, but perhaps we can buy our energy from overseas ... ?

    This doesn't seem to be about to end well any

  • Climate Emergency - Someone Else's Problem?


    At last - somebody who has crunched the numbers on what it will take to achieve all the legal targets that have been set world-wide to keep "global warming" within the magical 1.5oC, even assuming that that's what we need to do.

    Can it be done?

    "Current renewable energy systems generally have a lower Energy Returned on Energy Invested ratios (ERoEI) than current fossil fuel-based systems. They may not be productive enough to replace fossil fuels.  As such, they may not be the energy foundation for the next industrial era, but a steppingstone to some other kind of energy generation system not yet identified"

    How can we do it?

    "This is actually a mining problem"

    "There is no other source for those metals"

    "The idea of being managed from a central point is almost never going to

  • La France Profonde, La France Multiculturelle


    Rebel News delves deep into the recent troubles in la Belle France, providing a more nuanced glimpse into the sentiments that are actually driving the recent events.

    Journalism is not dead, it's just hiding in unofficial places, where I suppose it has always had to be if it is to be truly independent.

    (33 minutes)


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    More at France on Fire.


  • An Historical Note on the American Colonial Rebellion


    The AIER notes some of the circumstances that led to George Washington taking up arms against the British.

    As always, government overreach was behind it - pluck the goose too hard and it will ultimately turn on you. I guess this was before the government had worked out that they need to at least mount a pretence that they are on the side of the people whose finance they need in order to pursue their grand plans ... they just needed to learn the hard way - but learn they eventually did.

    It's interesting because many of the monetary tricks that we see today were in play then too.

    Imperial Monetary Policy and the Independence Movement

  • Vobes Investigates - A Home Education Support Service


    Hope Sussex was founded to support those parents who wanted to take their children out of the public and state education systems, those who were prepared to do what had to be done to bring up their own children for themselves in accord with their own beliefs and principles.

    Clearly the Universe has smiled upon their efforts.

    (28 minutes)


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  • Fulford Report Monday 3rd July


    "Joe’s avatar will soon put all whistleblowers out of work, he’s such a one-man red pill machine"

    "Congress passed resolution 503 calling for the impeachment of Joe Biden for high crimes and misdemeanors"


    He may not be the only one. And tomorrow is 4th July...

    Modest subscription required.

  • The Covid Enquiry - Full or Fake?


    Michael Senger writing for the Brownstone Institute investigates.

    Mind you, he is commenting on the performance of one Matt Hancock, so it may be a bit one-sided - but are the contributions from all the protagonists both official and 'non-official but expert' all being give weight?

    "... the COVID Inquiry ... has revealed little of value and assiduously avoided asking officials why they found the horrific decision to copy China’s lockdown policy remotely appropriate... "

    17 members of the pro-lockdown pressure group ‘Independent SAGE’ have been asked to give evidence "

    Well, I

  • A Note with Respect to the Current Troubles in France


    Mahyar Tousi reminds us that the current troubles in France may not be unrelated by some to the concept of the religious wars of old.

    That's not to say that they are or that they are not, just that it is likely that some will see it that way.

    From my perspective, a conversion achieved by force is not a conversion at all, it is a subjugation.

    Force is an open admission that persuasion doesn't work.

    Those who seek to convert and spread their religion by coercion rather than by persuasion do not respect the right of anybody to make up their own minds for themselves, and the result is top-down control. It is the direct antithesis of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

    OK, so a true bottom-up government of the people has yet to be established anywhere, but the principles established in Magna Carta and the American Constitution probably go some

  • "To Cut Waste, Stop Inflation, and Crush the Deep State"


    If only!

    So who could possibly pull off such a feat? I guess there's only one candidate...

    (21 minutes)


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  • Tolerant? Don't Bank on It


    Mahyar Tousi investigates the banking shutdown of Nigel Farage, and how "the narrative" is being pushed out.

    I hope he has an alternative bank lined up...

    Shutting down a bank account is an extremely serious matter in the modern day and age. Almost everybody needs access to banking, and existing on a cash-only basis is next to impossible for anybody employed by a corporation or government entity. One might think therefore that such action is wholly disproportionate in most circumstances.

    (11 minutes)


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    Passport of the Undead for the Undead


    In case you may have been hibernating under a stone somewhere and haven't picked this up, I thought I might cover the latest good news from on high.

    The undead EU have now teamed up with the undead WHO to bring us the undead idea of the undead digital vaccine passport that will miraculously free all those undead who agree to the WHO's terms and conditions

    (ie: continuous vaccination no-questions-asked for the remains of life against every real / bogus disease Tedros may take it into his head to announce, with whatever ineffectual and unsafe jabs big pharma may collude with our governments to offer us)

    from international travel restrictions.

    Or from any other transport restrictions that may in time demand these passports for our safety.

    Your local tramway for instance, or the taxi from the station, or maybe you'll have to show it to the phone of the

  • A Masterclass on How We got Here


    I never had the time or inclination to delve into the intricacies of communist-socialist-fascist-neo-con internecine warfare, but after reading this magnum opus I have come to a better understanding of the words "dialectic" and "cybernetics". I'm not sure that this makes me a wiser person, but it highlights the tendency of elites everywhere to invent a jargon that only the initiates understand, and thereby keeps everyone else out of the loop.

    Canadian historian Matt Ehret is a veritable walking encyclopedia of historical knowledge and yet somehow seems to remain a well-grounded human person, a feat that I suspect eluded most of the characters whose progress he has studied.

    In this article he takes us on a ride through about the last 150 years right up to Prigozhin's recent

  • Iraq War, WMDs, and Dr David Kelly's "Suicide"


    Dr David Kelly was outed as a "source" for a BBC report (yes you read that right - how times change) that created doubt about the "dodgy" WMD dossier relied upon by Prime Minister Blair that led to the Iraq war.

    He was later found dead, ruled a suicide, a verdict disputed by many.

    "... there is no possibility that at an inquest a verdict other than suicide would be returned"

    Britain subsequently went to war.

    So that's it, right?

    But who was the Chief Microbiologist at Porton Down?

    (77 minutes)



  • By Their Fruits Shall Ye Know Them


    "Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit... Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them"King James Bible Matthew 7: 17-20

    Oxford City Council should pay attention. Their reworking of Broad Street in furtherance of their Net Zero ambitions that we should all get out of out motor transport (and what exactly?) doesn't inspire J Sorel:

    "The new sitting area... isn’t a paved-over section of its own, but is instead grafted straight onto the tarmac itself – this is not an attempt to build something, but to deface something else"

    "The purpose of this place isn’t for people to sit, but simply to obstruct the street"

    "The ... bollards are irregular in shape and irregularly placed, forming a jagged line.

  • Is The Rule of Law Now Defunct in the UK?


    The Good Law Project has caved.

    Henceforth it will only pursue the cases that the Government-Judiciary-Cabal permit.

    That is my interpretation and I'm sure that there are those who would disagree, so please make up your own mind as to whether we still have the rule of law in our benighted country.

    There was a time in the not so distant past when the government were indeed taken to task in the highest courts in the land over their handling of Brexit, but perhaps there are projects and projects... or litigants and litigants.

    Make up your own mind.


  • Are We All Terrorists Now?


    What is a terrorist anyway?

    In the minds of most, the word would I imagine conjure images of someone who is likely to plan instigate engage in or otherwise contribute to acts of violence or violent insurrection, with the objective of spreading terror.

    Vanessa does seem a most unlikely terrorist to me.

    Vanessa Beeley, independent journalist often featuring on UK Column reports, describes the opaque and apparently unconstitutional powers that have led various people including herself to being detained searched and having possessions confiscated, apparently without any recourse to law.

    Is this what our country, our England, has become?

    Or is immigration control seriously out of control?


  • Norway Approves Dash for Gas and Oil


    We may have to try harder to keep up - Norway has now joined Sweden in rejecting unreliable energy from "renewables" but unlike Sweden is reverting to oil and gas.

    Well, I suppose they have to keep the lights on somehow.

    Who will be the next to break from the ranks of the green man?



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