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Was war declared on the Polish Border with Belarus?

Is Russia on course to overwhelm Europe (or at least take back the Ukraine?)?

I'm far from being convinced but it seems that some  shots (maybe blanks) were fired - and the EU's puppet Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi is imposing Vaccine Passports on all workers from 15th Oct. As distractions go it's probably pretty good.

The ratchet is being tightened, and the UK is also pushing the vaccine passport idea by ensuring that Wales imposes them first, and England introduces them later as a much-trailed "plan B", no doubt to "save the NHS".

But I digress.

Benjamin Fulford in his Monday update expounds on his views on the current goings-on behind the scenes:

"Without US backing, the continental European nations (not the UK) will have no choice but to accept Russia as their new protector"

Ouch! That would put a few noses out of joint, especially in the Ukraine, and would leave much of the recent British foreign policy stance in tatters. Still, that won't happen tomorrow, it would take time to work itself out.

He also mentions many other factors including his views on how one Donald Trump may come out of all this uncertainty.

Best read the update for yourself.  

Nevertheless the bottom line is that the global puppeteers still working the levers of many governments globally are running out of money. The end is likely quite soon, although exactly how soon isn't yet obvious - and may not be until it is actually upon us since nobody will admit to anything until the claims fall due.

Prepare for fireworks.


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