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  • Nuclear - The Inevitable Confrontation?


    One thing which it would appear we can all agree on - even if subliminally - we cannot trust our politicians. The old joke about "how do we know when a politician is lying?" and the fact that we deem it necessary to elect them anew every 5 years speaks volumes.

    Add on top the events of recent years when many previously accepted "truths" were abruptly stood on their head, and we were implicitly told to forget them, simply put this notion of trust squarely centre stage for us all to see.

    So with the Green New Deal floundering in a dearth of rare earths, and impossible mining requirements, yet many still believing the CO2 catastrophe nonsense, and Zionists the world over seemingly bent on more war...  nuclear, both as weapons, and as a source of power that might actually provide an opportunity to close the green delusion power gap, seems destined to take centre stage once more.

    But (leaving aside the weapons!) is nuclear as safe as it's cracked

  • Scott Ritter - the EU Crumbling Begins?


    No, he's not talking about the military situation, but the economic situation. Money talks, and lack of money suffocates.

    Fascinating stuff, and entirely logical - it's obvious that Europe needs affordable reliable power,  so... sanctions on Russia are a disastrous own goal. How to wriggle out?

    And some still want the UK to rejoin ..?!

    (17 minutes)


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  • Down the Rabbit Hole to .. the Vedas and Great Tartary!


    Readers unfamiliar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series may like to view some of the earlier articles here, starting with nbr 1. Many may consider these propositions extreme, but the question is, can they be disproved?

    Could they be possible, and if so, what would be the implications? 

    If the implications would be trivial, then who cares? But if they would be earth-shaking, perhaps we should take note.

    That said, the ancient writings such as the Bible certainly do exist, and some have been translated.

    "Today we are living in a... time of awakening. It is called the morning of Swaroga and it has been happening since 2012"

  • "I Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident"


    Well, we could all quibble about the the precise meaning of "self-evident" and whether it is entirely appropriate in this context, but let us not distract from the message.

    Full article here: I Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident.


  • The Last Word on Tomorrow's Eclipse?


    David Sörensen reviews the state of play associated with previous eclipses, especially in the USA.

    Are the omens propitious?

    As always it depends on your point of view...

    ... but regardless, it's a good read 😎.


  • Dr Shiva Meets Ivor Cummins ...!


    Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, US presidential candidate, systems expert, and general thorn in the side of the US/Global elite, meets Ivor Cummins - is this the ultimate clash of the opinionated?

    "Dr. Shiva is on fire! Super smart guy but he takes NO prisoners - get seated securely and strap yourself in for this one!"

    I can't think of a more interesting pair of great minds to address the greatest issues of our time, in what is working up to be this year of greatest global upheaval of our time, so this has got to be right up there with the "Do not miss this" greatest presentations that we have had the privilege to bring to you.


    (1 hr 44 mins)



  • Our NHS at Work


    Did you think that forced jabs were a thing of the past?

    Think again.

    This legal case illustrates a great deal about our relationship with the State.

    And it isn't pretty.

    There is so much wrong with this that one hardly knows where to start, and bear in mind that the Covid jabs still have Emergency Use Authorisation - but where is now the emergency?

    In what way will this lawsuit benefit anybody, anybody at all?


  • Capitalism Has Already Ended - What Comes Next?


    And is "what comes next" already here?

    Today we feature the only modern economist worth listening to, or at least the cream of the cream of such a grouping should there be more than one.

    As befits an economist, he also has an unmatched understanding of modern politics and geopolitics, since politics and economics are in effect two sides of the same coin, and both disciplines rely on the understanding of the motivations of the masses.

    Yanis Varoufakis learned his trade the hard way as Finance Minister of Greece when the EU famously "bailed out" the Greek banks from their banking crisis - some suggest not ultimately to the benefit of the Greek people, but to enable the Greek banks to meet their obligations to other EU banks.

    He has also authored some very readable books on economics/politics 😎.

    "It's not a market, it's an algorithm".


  • The Choice Between War, War, or War


    Another take on the Israel - US - Iran - Syria - Mid-east situation from Mark Sleboda "professional cynic and realist".

    (24 minutes)


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  • "A Charnel House of Needless Death"


    "This four part series is intended as your briefing, under fire, to prevent a new European War, a collapse of the dollar, and the continuance of the mind destroying surveillance state"

    LaRouchePAC are taking the battle for all our futures to the US People and to Congress.

    "On Tuesday, April 9th, the U.S. Congress will return to Washington. $61.4 billion in new funding for the Ukraine War is the main item on the “must pass” Washington agenda"(my emphasis)

    UK and US governments really are committed to war with Russia, regardless of the inevitable consequences. War with a Russia that by any measure has already been grievously provoked. Russia knows who has done that provoking, but has not yet responded.

    Be in no doubt that they will respond at a time of their choosing.


  • Pandemic? What Pandemic?


    The German Government has blown the lid off the pandemic narrative:

    "Hospital occupancy in Germany fell to an all-time low in 2020

    "There were no more severe respiratory illnesses than usual in 2020"

    "Corona came, influenza disappeared (Robert Koch Institute (RKI))"

    "Age-standardized mortality was not higher in 2020 than usual"

    "Mortality has only increased in 2021 (Federal Statistical Office)"

    "People who died with or from coronavirus were on average 83 years old, the other deceased

  • Monetary Mayhem, or Monetary Revolution?


    It looks like we will get one or the other.

    The BRICS countries have already started the process of stabilising the global currency base by linking their currencies to hard assets, which makes them interchangeable at (relatively) stable exchange rates. A bit like (but not the same as) the old Bretton Woods system where participating currencies were linked to the US Dollar which in turn was linked to gold - and which started to fall apart when certain countries started to suspect that the gold which the USA was supposedly holding for them might not actually exist... and demanded it be delivered back.

    Bretton Woods was replaced by the "petro-dollar" whose value was supported (but not fixed) by other countries' need to use dollars to pay for middle east oil (from Saudi Arabia most famously).

    Now that much of the world's oil is traded in other currencies in place of the dollar, financial stability is become polarised - the BRICS (based on hard assets) are

  • Scott Ritter Analyses the Israeli Strike on Iranian Diplomatic Mission in Syria


    The strike on Iran's diplomatic mission in Syria made headlines, but Scott explains exactly why he believes that this strike was a very deliberate and precisely timed act with results very favourable to Israel.

    But that's just the start of his analysis... what follows is a masterclass in the Middle East situation, not to mention the wider world of global geopolitics... including (but not limited to) the Ukraine.

    It's a long haul, but hugely informative. 

    (1hr 47)


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  • Col Macgregor Reviews the Ukraine Situation


    The end is nigh? Let us all pray so.

    Ukraine needs TLC and reconstruction, not indefinite war.

    (27 minutes)


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  • Douglas Macgregor Reviews the Israel-Gaza Situation


    Whilst this unthinkable but totally one-sided conflict drags remorselessly on, Col Macgregor is valued for his experience both of matters military, and matters US political and geopolitical. 

    Yes, it's complicated...

    (18 minutes)


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  • Arizona Republican Party to Brand the Jabs 'Bioweapons'?


    "The Arizona Republican Party is set to vote... at their state convention to declare Covid 19 and mRNA injections biological and technological weapons"

    "On Saturday January 13th, the Maricopa County GOP passed the resolution with 87.4% of the vote"

    It seems that the idea that these mRNA / Covid injections are "safe and effective" is taking a beating. Perhaps evidence and logic do hold sway over propaganda after all, even in the good ole US of A.

    If the Republican Party adopts these resolutions across other states (not unlikely given the support of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies) and (as seems inevitable barring assassination) Trump becomes the recognised official president of the Republic, I doubt that shareholders in quaxxine companies will be

  • Has Reform Just Let the Fox Loose in the Hen House?


    We don't do party politics on this site, because we believe that the party political system (a) acts as gatekeeper to prevent people of "unsound" views from getting elected and (b) if any do by some mischance get through this filter, they will be controlled by the whip system to vote as the party desires rather than in the interests of their constituents. 

    Those who control the political party leadership (by whatever means) have Parliament sewn up.

    If the leadership of the very few major parties are all controlled (by whatever means) by a single controlling entity (UN-WEF partnership anybody?) then we live in a dictatorship.

    That said, the Reform Party has just chucked a googly onto the playing field perfectly timed to warm up the next general election and to remind the population (warning - words are insufficient to do this justice but I'll try) of the extraordinary parliamentary and legal contortions that followed the last National Referendum, when they

  • Speech Banned? Placards to the Fore!


    Martin Geddes has been to Bonnie Scotland (well, Edinburgh) again, this time to report on the protests about Humza Yousaf, now First Minister of Scotland and widely associated with a recent innovation in Scottish Law that some feel may hamper "free speech" in Scotland. 

    It's a cracking report, with a goodly selection of placards that survived the wet weather remarkably well. I defy you to keep a straight face!

    I also think that the lessons he draws are very pertinent:

    "If you accept one lie as truth, it will be leveraged to allow any deception to become doctrine"

    Enjoy the show!


  • Canadian Citizens' "Covid" Enquiry Final Report


    We have all been following the UK Covid Enquiry under Baroness Hallett to some extent, to determine how well or otherwise she will dig down to the matters that concern the population.

    The good Baroness has a long and distinguished history of being appointed to chairing enquiries into matters of national significance.

    Today we have news of a contrasting type of investigation that was conducted in Canada by what one assumes to be a self-organising collective of people throughout Canada, who set up a National Citizens Inquiry to look into the handling of the Covid event in that country. 

    It will be fascinating to compare the output (when the UK enquiry finally completes... ) of these two approaches.

  • It's Our Call, and Nobody Else's


    I gave up being a religious person a long time ago. "Spiritual" and "Religious" are words with variable meanings depending on your life experience - how are they to be interpreted?

    Why is the notion of "sacred" religiously excluded from all "science"?

    If science means anything it means "to know"... to know the truth about how the universe in which we find ourselves, the universe of which we ourselves are very much a part, how this universe actually works - and if matters sacred exist here at all, then an understanding of "sacred" is surely an intrinsic part of the "science"?

    Do such questions have answers? If so, where are they to be found?

    I don't always relate to "Stop World Control" because I normally find him too hectoring, too "in your face", maybe a bit too "melodramatic" to be persuasive, but at the same time I don't doubt his authenticity or his motivation - these are times to try