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  • Global Scares in Perspective


    Covid or Climate Change? Which is/was the greater menace?

    If either?

    And what of the future?

    (62 minutes)


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  • The Perils of Nuclear


    No, not bombs - base load!

    The sleuths at Fortune and Freedom have been sorting through the entrails of what passes for government energy policy, and have doubts that more nuclear power plants is the answer to the intermittency of renewables.

    This one is a bit technical, but one can see their point. Well, points actually. Flexible response of power generation is necessary when the wind stops blowing and hail destroys the solar panels (or night-time occurs).

    Can nuclear solve the intermittency conundrum? Even if the government could miraculously change its record of failure in delivering major projects, with immediate

  • "We Will Strike You and You Can't Stop Us"


    Scott Ritter reviews Iran's strike on Israel and explains the message. We await events as Israel gears up to respond... shortly.

    "Israel cannot successfully attack Iran by itself"

    "... for all those people shouting... 'We need to stand with Israel'... that's like saying 'I want to buy a ticket on the Titanic - after it struck the iceberg'... "

    (22 minutes)


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  • If you would know who controls you, see who you may not criticise


    "If you would know who controls you see who you may not criticise" -Tacitus

    (16 minutes)


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  • The Storm is Upon Us


    Pascal Najadi interviewed on the current state of the unseen war.

    "This is our last Communication before The Current Wartime President and our Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Donald J. Trump addresses the world today April 15th 2024 as the Commander-in-Chief and Supreme Commander of the current and ongoing Global Defence War Earth Alliance."


    (78 minutes)



  • Fulford Report Monday 15 April 2024


    Drones, cruise missiles, and coke bottles?

    With the ICC in the Hague not playing ball with Israel, the conflict in Gaza entering the end-game, and Iran showing the temerity to answer back for Israel's attack on its diplomatic mission in Damascus, the media are in full-on propaganda mode today.

    One certainly gets the sense that things are not going Israel's way nearly as much as they would like.

    "This theater though, hides a very real war that is... heading for a climactic battle... "

    There is plenty this week to pique your interest.

    Modest subscription required.


  • "Greatest Military Demonstration in Modern History"


    George Galloway interviews Scott Ritter on Iran's recent response to Israel's attack on its diplomatic mission in Damascus.

    "Why announce it five hours in advance?"

    (20 minutes)


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    Alternative View... from Greg Mannarino.

    Sounds about right.


  • The Cass Review - Portent of Transanity?


    The Cass Review, as I need hardly remind everyone (!) is an "Independent review of gender identity services for children and young people".

    Quite why we old relics are excluded from gender identity services, or perhaps merely from the independent review, is unclear, but maybe lack of demand had something to do with it, even though that same lack of demand didn't seem to stop them including children and young people.

    Or maybe we old relics were too stuck in our ways to be manipulated into having ourselves so hideously reassigned, we may never know. Surely more research is needed?

    Anyway, the review may not have turned out too favourably for the woke crowd, for whom nothing as traditional as the concept of a man and woman getting together to create a family and further the human race independently of state control, can be left unchallenged and

  • Messages From Japan and Helsinki


    (9 minutes)

    A Message from Japan to the World by Aussie17

    Delivered by Prof Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School.

    Read on Substack
    Dr Asseem Malhotra has also been testifying about the Covid scam in Helsinki.
    Read his testimony
  • Is Organic Still Organic?


    Sir Julian Rose, long-time supporter and practitioner of organic farming on the Hardwick Estate, reviews how he became involved in organc, through to today's organic scene - and and how to transition from conventional to organic... 

    And what exactly is the government's "Green New Deal"?

    "... subsidy does create slaves... "

    Original article on UK Column.

    (64 minutes)



  • Down the Rabbit Hole to ... Panpsychism!


    Today we feature the UK's own Mancunian Dr Keith Scott-Mumby, medical doctor extraordinary who isn't afraid to think outside the box (and has written interesting books about his results).

    "This is not the time to stand pat and do nothing. This is the time to mobilize. We have to evolve a new way of civilized living that will survive the wolves and hyenas of economic control, woke-ism and intolerance"

    "So we need to unite under one banner. And we need to stand firm for all that we believe in"

    Join the good doctor on Saturday (tomorrow!) on-line at 17:00 BST (I've converted the timezone for you, no extra charge - but follow the link and register now or you won't get the joining link)

    Readers unfamiliar with our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series may like to view some of 

  • EU Introduces AI Protection Act


    "Other countries including the UK cannot ignore it. As with GDPR rules, the Act includes proposed regulations that organisations will need to comply with, in order to do business with the EU"

    “The UK remains an active member of the European Standardisation Organisations, and a number of senior BCS volunteers are providing leadership and technical guidance in establishing the state of the art both in Europe and on the international stage”

    So there you have it - the first steps to legislate for the use of AI in Europe, and I'm sure that the UK will follow suit in due course.

    (Summary article provided courtesy of the British Computer Society, which back in the day was instrumental in guiding the introduction of GDPR legislation for the protection of the

  • Ivor Introduces Brian - The Truth About Meat


    I doubt that this will please those of a religious vegan persuasion, but maybe it's time to redress the balance.

    I have no intention to recommend any specific diet for anyone, as I suspect that just as "one size fits all" doesn't work, in a world of humans in such infinite variation, neither does "one diet fits all". We must all make our own dietary choices if we wish to remain healthy and defy others' expectations of an old age of crumbling health, and it's no business of anybody else what we eat, within legal bounds.

    No reasonable options should be taken off the table.

    (19 minutes) 


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  • The Fight Against Climate Change Moves Up a Notch


    Safety Warning: Please don your tin-foil hat to protect your sanity before reading on.

    In order to protect the world from "Global Warming" (that according to the "overwhelming consensus of climate scientists" is certainly caused by us releasing CO2 into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels), it turns out that spraying chemtrails into the atmosphere is being done in order to reduce global warming by blocking the sunlight...

    And what the heck has Bill Gates got to do with any of this anyway? Perhaps he's working on a new quaxxine to protect against the cold once we can't see the sun anymore and we are not allowed to burn anything that creates CO2?

    (20 minutes)



  • Who Is "TV Licensing"?


    Yes, it's Martin Geddes vs. whomever is "TV Licensing", which appears to be a simple question that ought to be perfectly simple to determine. The fact that it isn't is cause for serious concern  (given that it probably affects the majority of households in the land) but not apparently to all legal beagles of the justice system.

    Martin now brings us up to date on the status of his case for payment by "TV Licensing" under his legal contract to provide them with correspondence services of which they have availed themselves. Yes, it's a case of who the heck is "TV Licensing" anyway, if anybody?

    Martin brings us up to date.


  • Dial M for Midazolam


    Whilst reminding ourselves of the trials of lockdowns, behind the scenes some believe that worse horrors were being perpetrated.

    "At 6pm on February 25th, the UK Column livestreamed an eye-opening and thought-provoking symposium on the systematic use of Midazolam and morphine to end the lives of patients"

    It's your viewpoint that counts.

    (2 hrs 39 mins)



  • Time Flies, But Remember Lockdowns


    We all know that our memories fade over time, and most of us are probably only too happy to forget the lockdown idiocies (not to mention turmoil) that swept the nation, and indeed much of the world, in 2020.

    Yet if we so blithely discard our recollection of these restrictions, how will we be protected against such extremes in the future? Or could we simply rely upon the official Covid Inquiry to fill the gap?

    Surely the events of 2020 should be in effect a vaccination of the population that protects us from ever permitting such nonsense to recur in the future? No It wasn't exactly safe, but if nobody remembers, thenit will not be effective either.

    An important observation I suspect.

  • Capitalism of the Future?


    Before plunging into this one we need to understand a few definitions.

    "Capitalism" can have more than one meaning depending upon context.

    Let's start with the traditional meaning, which roughly speaking equates to free trade within a marketplace.

    Free trade is dependent on the concept of "property", something which is "owned". I can't trade something unless I own it. I can only own it if I made it, or if I bought it, or if I was given it as a gift, or if I inherited it. (Some societies might include finding it abandoned, but subject to conditions, which is essentially a minor peripheral argument)

    In England we have the ancient and honourable tradition of Market Towns, which were permitted to hold regular markets where people from the neighbourhood could come to buy and sell, or simply barter their wares. Everyone knew the routine that in that place on that day they could all come and get what they needed in

  • The Big Green Sausage Machine


    Another country, another council bemused, befuddled, and brainwashed by the green blob.

    What is the defence? We must insist upon due diligence and democratic accountability.

    Due diligence - check out what we are told and importantly, check out the counter-narratives. Which is plausible, which is actually proven? Or are neither proven? If not proven, then is the the proposed change of status quo justified on balance?

    Assess both the upside scale of the opportunity and the downside of getting it wrong.

    Democratic accountability - explain our recommendation, the counter-recommendation, the consequences of both, and put it to a vote of our constituents.

    Now if we are just installing traffic lights, the downside of getting it wrong is probably relatively trivial, but if our constituents lives are going to be seriously changed then give them both barrels (both sides of

  • Tavistock


    An ancient stannary town in Devon, home of the cream tea...  or something else?

    Mark Devlin spills the beans...   but beware, the rabbit hole runs very deep indeed.


    (82 minutes)


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