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  • Down the Rabbit Hole ... to the Real World History?


    (Readers are strongly advised to read my other 'Down the Rabbit Hole' titles (use top left Search box), in particular Down the Rabbit Hole 1, before continuing)

    Today's offering leads to a series of articles beginning with an piece on the the Grand Jury of the People's Court of Public Opinion (sounds like the event we covered in full in 2022). 

    This is from a Czech website (Tip - Chromium-based browsers such as Brave can translate these pages but it seems that Firefox users may be out of luck - use button at end of page address, or maybe use the browser menu button).

    This is just the first article... at the foot of each article is a link to the next (previous in posting time) article - just

  • Cameron, Blinken, Stoltenberg, Poke the Bear - Deliberate Escalation to Full-on War?


    "... citing the green-light given to Ukraine by British Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron to use long-range missiles provided by the U.K. to hit targets in Russia. Following a previously-unannounced meeting with President Zelensky on May 21, U.S. Secretary of State Blinken indicated that the U.S. may follow suit" -Tass

    But there again, Zelensky is president no more, having now exceeded his tenure without bothering to call elections...  What does that make him, and why are we continuing to back him?

    Why are we hell-bent on more fighting when Russia is clearly in command of the battlefield and equally clearly not at all cowed by empty threats?

    Harley Schlanger reports.


  • We had to perform on some very shoddy elections


    OK, I admit it, this title is a slight misquote from Hinge and Bracket (which I defend in the interests of decorum, being unable to reproduce the full context of the original here). Think of it as a political oscillation between Left and Right!

    Today Nick Hubble (Fortune and Freedom), as so often, hits our democratic hoax squarely on the head:

    "Labour will consider its election victory as a mandate for its bizarre policies. Rather than as a rejection of the Conservatives for theirs.

    Given the policies are the same, this means electing Labour will only worsen our

    "We may well be stuck with Labour in the end. But perhaps we should be grateful. Because we’ve got clowns to the left of us and jokers to the right"

  • The World is Not Being Run by Human Beings


    Now there's a thought to conjure with!

    Yet another outlandish conspiracy theory?

    How outlandish do you need? If this isn't sufficiently outlandish for you, then maybe you should sit this one out...

    But it's not any old crackpot that is claiming this - it's La Quinta Columna (the Fifth Column), a notable group of scientific researchers who have made it their business to investigate "the jabs". I have to say that I find their research both painstaking and impressive, and we have featured their work previously (although not as often as I would like, as only a limited selection is presented in English).

    Today we are both in luck and in English, and although you might feel that

  • Fulford Report Monday 27 May 2024


    Another voluminous update on the collapse of the ancien regime...

    It defies summary, but there's plenty ongoing (heroic attempts to start WW3, countered by equally determined efforts to avoid WW3 - there are many people to thank in both categories), including the UK's GE 2024, should it outlast "events dear boy, events".

    Can matters get any crazier? (modest subscription required)

    Apparently Ben has even cancelled his normal summer holiday this year - and given the problems affecting the airline industry, who can blame him?


  • Palnackie Legal Update - May 2024


    The legal case surmounts a hurdle - in which jurisdiction should this case be tried?

    Previous find reports here

    It's a legally complex case involving several jurisdictions, so this High Court judgement is a welcome clarification which should make matters much simpler.

    Martin Geddes reports.


  • Election Thoughts - Neil Oliver


    Once more, Neil Oliver speaks for us all.

    Perhaps we should add "Parliamentary Democracy" to the list of hoaxes ancient and modern, joining "pandemics" and "climate change" in the hall of infamy. Somehow I suspect we will find that these are only the tip of the iceberg... 

    (16 minutes)


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  • Is it All Coming Apart at the WHO?


    The IOJ thinks so.

    They intend ultimately to sue the WHO in a friendly jurisdiction to set an international precedent.

    (2 minutes)



    WHO's Pandemic Treaty Defeated In Epic Failure On World Stage

    Of course Director General Tedros is likely not permitted to give up, so expect further retrenchment and rule-bending, but so far, so good.


  • Royal Society Takes Itself Down


    "By their fruits shall ye know them"

    This brings a whole new meaning to the word "prestigious".

    It isn't as though criticism of Dr Fauci was limited to "conspiracy theorists" and their ilk... Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky) made quite a name for himself interrogating Dr Fauci in the US Senate over far from trivial matters.

    And in MIchael "hockey stick" Mann, they have selected another figure that many clearly consider dubious, one not averse to using the courts to "protect his reputation".

    Certainly when I last looked, lawfare was no part of the "scientific

  • Why Mr Putin Owes his Power to The West


    Yes, it's Scott Ritter again.

    It's a long story and it takes a long video to explain it.

    Scott is nothing if not a realist, but UK/US/NATO is nothing when it comes to realism.

    It turns out that Putin may never have been able to take effective command in Russia without the unintentional but highly effective assistance from the West.

    Has the West learned from its mistakes?

    "We spend more money on nothing than you can possibly imagine"

    "We in the West cannot be honest with ourselves about what's really going on because we've painted ourselves into a corner... everything we're doing from a policy standpoint is solving a problem that isn't linked to reality... "

    And so on to the unfolding situation in Israel (at 64 minutes)...


  • GE 2024 - Voting Explained


    The inimitable Richard Vobes explains his approach to Rishi's General Election of 4th July 2024.

    Summertime, but not school holidays, so turnout probably not the highest in living memory...

    Will it be a politicians' election, or a people's election?

    "We endure tyranny because we do not understand the rules of power"

    (13 minutes)


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  • Flat Earth "Explained"


    The Flat Earth theory is much in prominence these days, and whilst I don't necessarily reject it out of hand, a lot of people cite biblical reference to support it, and we are discovering gradually that much of what we were taught in school and elsewhere is just flat out (sorry, couldn't resist) wrong.

    So should we give the flat earth theory credence?

    I wouldn't rule it out, although I wouldn't rule it in either, as there are too many facets about it that don't make much sense to me.

    Do we really live on a flat cake dish under a glass dome to keep us fresh and clean for customers in Café Universe? What does that say about the customers and the café? And about us?!

    Will it all make sense in the future? I cannot say, but I can say that this little exercise in explaining how it works is probably the best I have seen so far.

    Moe seriously, it leaves a number of

  • UK Climate Engineering Programmes


    Richard Vobes interviews Ian Simpson, climate sleuth, who tells us what he knows about the artificial clouds that pervade our skies - and why we should perhaps be gargling with red wine...

    "... most of it is tiny plastic fibres... people can't see the sky until they remove these things... "

    "... the idea really is to do it without being caught... "

    There are a lot of new ideas here, but clearly more research is needed!

    (67 minutes)


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  • Chemtrails and Contrails - Is There a Difference?


    The last word on chemtrails? Who's conning whom? And why?

    "... one is to block out the sun in accordance with the... fraudulent Paris Climate Accord... "

    "... we're being very slowly and insidiously poisoned: Barium, Strontium, Aluminium oxide... " 

    ... and who knows what else?

    (56 minutes)


    Make of this what you will.


  • Destruction of the Twin Towers - Roland Angle's Review


    Roland Angle, board Chairman of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, talks about why the destruction of the twin towers has lost none of its contentious attributes in the nearly 23 years since it happened in 2001.

    On the one hand we have the official government enquiry which attributed the collapse of the three World Trade Centre buildings (WTC1 WTC2 WTC7) to fire, and on the other hand we have the professional qualified engineers that were (and are still) adamant that fire alone could not possibly account for the observed collapses - and indeed that video evidence strongly suggests that they fell into their own footprint as a result of controlled demolition.

    We have covered the events of 9/11 and the subsequent controversies previously, but the official narrative remains the

  • Fulford Report Monday 20 May 2024


    Another Monday, another Fulford Report.

    Headline event is the helicopter crash with the deaths of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi and others. It's probably too soon to be certain of the facts but it certainly isn't going to stop speculation nor reduce tensions in the area.

    Meanwhile the ICC turns up the pressure on both Israel and Hamas leadership, and President Zelensky is president no more as his term has expired. And Russia wants him for "war crimes".

    Lots of new angles this week! (Modest subscription required)

    As always, make of it what you will.


  • They Do Things Differently in Japan - Perhaps We Should Pay Attention?


    We could be forgiven for believing that ever since WW2, both the UK and Japan were under the same sort of financial control as the USA.

    Apparently not quite...

    But what does the future hold?

    Nick Hubble explains the impossibilities and contradictions... but what do they mean and can they be resolved?

    And what does demographic decline mean and how did Japan (and how might we) cope with it?

    (26 minutes)


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  • President Putin Reviews the Global Situation at a Press Conference


    Whatever you think of Mr Putin, if he is your enemy, then know thine enemy. Otherwise, know what he says anyway.

    Maybe we should hear what Mr Biden would say at a similar press event.

    "There will be no more negotiations"

    (36 minutes)


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  • Conflict of Interest? How Old-Fashioned


    As if we didn't know it in our hearts already, but kudos to  DR CARL HENEGHAN AND DR TOM JEFFERSON for spelling it out for the Daily Sceptic.

    Some of he highest medical advisers in the land seem to have some little (or not so little) financial support from one part of Big Pharma or another, even though (or perhaps because) they are supposedly working in the public interest.

    I would bet that they are a long way from being the only public officials charged with supporting our medical safety who have such financial links, whether disclosed or not.

    Not to mention media presenters...

    "Serious reform is needed and has been for a long time"


  • Clif High Back on Video! With Some Serious Thinking


    It's been quite a long time since Clif gave one of his own videos, but his new rig is definitely superior to the old.

    Here he takes issue with Elon Musk and Alex Jones, muses on his understanding of how human memory works (simplistic overview only, thank Heaven he didn't go into the detailed version!).

    I'm not going to try to summarise the rest of Clif's brain dump, but MK Ultra / mind control processes are reviewed, not to mention love-making, fight or flight, 1947... and aluminium oxide, chemtrails, 5G, Finns, Kalahari Bushmen + a few others, and Atlantis.

    Oh, and more...

    We are all MK-Ultra'd now.


    (52 minutes)

    Your hippo is under attack!