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Dane Wiggington over at GeoEngineering Watch has been plugging away at this topic for a long time.

And he does seem to be onto something - our skies are not clear as they should be, but partially obscured by particulates very apparently sprayed by aircraft.

It's hard to imagine that this might be taking place without at least the tacit agreement of our governments - those very same governments that are so determined to demonise diesel cars for their particulate emissions.

So is this spraying justified in order to save the planet from overheating? After all, killing a percentage of the population by means of respiratory disease might be justified if it protects the ultimate survival of humanity - right?

Well, maybe wrong. Dane highlights a new angle on this topic which would turn the whole rationale for such geoengineering activities on its head.

If we listen to a report from "NASA scientists", they claim to have discovered that high altitude particulates in volume may actually result in far greater planetary warming than that attributed to (gasp!) CO2! Meaning that this spraying would actually bring forward the extinction of life on Earth by reinforcing, even swamping the effects of the burning of fossil fuels, thus making global warming orders of magnitude worse than it may already be.

Mind you, NASA presumably didn't acquire the sobriquet "Never A Straight Answer" for no reason, and "scientific modelling" such as that relied upon by these "NASA scientists" hasn't exactly covered itself in glory in recent years ... so we must group it together with the scientific modelling that gave us the Covid scare, and indeed the climate scare in the first place.

Whilst this gives those of us who remain sceptical of "scientific modelling" no immediate trauma, those who place their faith in such modelling now have a conundrum - to still believe in the original climate modelling, or to put faith in this latest NASA modelling?

Nevertheless this is an interesting contribution to the debate on chemtrails, and I would wager that most people would be much more comfortable with clear sunny skies than skies artificially obscured by who-knows-what particulates, and not just for the obvious reasons. 

After all, are not chemtrails as clear evidence as anybody may require of an out-of-control global elite?

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