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One of the things that has surprised me this autumn is the number of different sources of unrelated categories of information that are all coming around to the central question of our time:-

What the COVID is going on?!

We have seen offerings from Green Med Info (an alternative health site), from news journalists (sadly now few and far between) from independent individuals around the world (happily there are many more) doing their own research, and all coming to much the same conclusions.

The internet is a wonderful boon to us all, but also to those who would rule the world for themselves rather than for us. If we want our freedom then we must deal with those who would steal it before they do so.

Today i offer you another independent report from Foster Gamble (of Thrive) who has spent a number of years travelling the world and investigating all manner of esoteric topics (sacred geometry, free energy, you get the idea) - and ending up right on the Covid nail. And he gives all his source references.

This is quite a tour de force - for a crash course in what large numbers of independent researchers are now following up, this is one of the best. It may shock you - the implications are truly scary - but if you have been following this site you should be prepared.

Read the report.

One thing does seem to be becoming clear - the world is already set upon the path to change very fast now in one direction or another - we have come to a fork in the road and we can choose freedom love and tolerance or increasing restrictions indifference (at best), and ultimately slavery.

It's our choice, choose wisely, choose actively, but choose quickly.