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Sadly this title doesn't capture the immediacy of a certain Star Wars film title, but it will have to suffice.

We have reported before on Dr Fuellmich and his campaign to find out the truth behind the pandemic narrative that swept the world in 2020, and his Committee has now published their unambiguous and uncompromising report:

"The corona crisis must be renamed the “Corona Scandal"

"... a PCR-test pandemic, not a corona pandemic"

"Politicians and mainstream media deliberately drove populations to panic"

"... those responsible for it must be criminally prosecuted and sued for civil damages "

"I will now explain to you how and where an international network of lawyers will argue this biggest tort case ever, the corona fraud scandal, which has meanwhile unfolded into probably the greatest crime against humanity ever committed"

This is a tour de force, reviewing everything including the history of previous would-be "pandemics", the roles of big pharma, big philanthropy, big contracts (notably for vaccines of unhappy effects), and the contributions of the many eminent scientists and doctors that have been ignored without reason.

I doubt there is any significant aspect of the "pandemic" that has escaped his committee's scrutiny.

Will any of our incumbent government ministers pay any attention?

Will any of our journalists pay attention?

My guess is that it will take a court case of stupendous proportions to shift their perspectives, and that could just be on its way.