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Law or Fiction report that hey have been instructed to challenge the vaccine roll-out to healthy children.

" ... the Judge initially considering the papers has for the time being refused the application for a hearing to consider pausing the roll out. The legal team has filed an urgent application to the Court to reconsider that decision"

"The documents ... expose some of the important information not widely known or reported in the mainstream media"

Read the report. This includes the documents referred to above.



Common Law is something we should all know more about, and is something that was bequeathed to many former colonies of the British Empire, in that upon independence they chose to continue that legal system.

So now the citizens of the mother country are also being urged to understand our legal inheritance! It isn't something we can take for granted - we have to qualify for it.


Visit Peter Stone's web-site for more information. You my wish to bookmark it.

"If you truly want to be free then you must take it, you cannot wait for someone to give it to you"


This success story well illustrates the truth that incessant propaganda over many years can lead even the finest lawyerly minds to join the most dubious of band-wagons.

Of course if

(a) you believe the hype about the "settled" nature of probably the most complex science known to man (settled according to the many climate science models, which inevitably perform exactly according to the wishes of their designers - we have explored how models may not be science elsewhere) and

(b) that legal coercion is an acceptable way to enforce an entirely political agenda, 

then you will share the delight of the climate zealots who still believe that our world will become uninhabitable unless we turn off all the facilities that enable civilisation, and do it now.

Those of us who do not suffer from the delusion that governments can invariably be trusted to get the most major of policy decisions right (when they so obviously cannot even get the small ones right) may take a different view.

In the end, the only way to safeguard against the overbearing power of any government is to defer to the collective wisdom of the people, and the best way yet devised to defer to the people is to provide them with the choice and let them make their own decisions individual by individual within a market-place.

If enough people believe in the climate disaster story then they will gladly save the world by scrapping their cars, demanding building and buying "zero-carbon" homes, cycling everywhere, and (crucially) persuading others to do likewise. They should be given every encouragement short of restricting the choices available to others. 

The future is bottom-up, not top-down, lives by persuasion and abhors coercion. It's called "civilisation".

Life would be much safer that way.


"The truth will set us all free"

"We the People have to stand up"

This is an American viewpoint but it applies every bit as much in the UK.

These are hard truths that many may feel extremely uncomfortable even listening to - but the downside risk if we get this wrong may be higher than we have seen in all our post-war generations.

Watching and facing up these unpalatable allegations, there is much to consider - but one thing stands out - this is no longer merely politics-as-usual, nor can it be dismissed as "conspiracy theory" when many lawyers are actively working on its several aspects internationally.

"... if you're an elected official ... if you're a governor you've got an entire state health department, and the only way that you're not aware that ... you're killing people with this vaccine is if you are purposely looking away from it ... it doesn't take any effort to find the truth ... "

I might add that if you have the entire resources of Public Health England the NHS and the ONS available to you, then the same logic applies.

There are a lot of home truths here - take your time.


More from Renz Law:


We have previously reported on the Good Law Project's good work in investigating the manner in which "our" government placed PPE contracts.

Today we highlight their work in investigating the placement of Test and Trace contracts.

"This new evidence corroborates reports in November from unnamed insiders that there was a VIP channel for testing supplies. The total spend on Test and Trace is £37bn, dwarfing that for PPE"

Of course, if sub-optimal procurement procedures were used for one set of contracts it is reasonable to investigate whether they were also used for others.

It seems that they may have been.

Read the press release.