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Free Citizen

  • All the Syndromic Data in one Place


    This can't be stated often enough - the statistics do not support the UK Government's pandemic narrative.

    Lockdown Sceptics in their article today assess the official PHE published statistics - and come to much the same conclusion as I did when I undertook a similar exercise in the autumn months of last year.

    So I'm grateful that they have done the update for me and I don't need to plough through it all again  :)

    Read all about it.

    Of course, this begs the obvious

  • UK - Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Bill 2019-21


    "A Bill to make provision for, and in connection with, the authorisation of criminal conduct in the course of, or otherwise in connection with, the conduct of covert human intelligence sources"

    This is an extraordinary Bill.

    Basically it introduces one law for the governed, another for the governors' covert agents.

    "Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) are crucial in preventing and safeguarding victims from many serious crimes . . . "

    "The Bill provides an express power to authorise CHIS to participate in conduct which would otherwise constitute a criminal offence"

    "This is not a new capability; the Bill provides a clear legal basis for a longstanding tactic which is vital for national security and the prevention and detection of crime
    (in other words they have been doing this for years so don't worry, nothing

  • Supreme Courts Reject Lawsuits


    1. The Supreme Court of the United States has denied the request by the state of Texas to sue the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin over alleged election irregularities that would risk the outcome of the presidential election and thus deny voters in Texas a free and fair election.

    2. The UK Supreme Court similarly declined to hear Simon Dolan's appeal for a judicial review into UK Lockdowns.

    Nineteen Republican state attorneys general backed Texas in the US lawsuit whilst twenty Democrat state attorneys backed the defendant states. The Epoch Times has the story.

    (Breaking news: The Texas

  • The Problem of Systematic Corruption


    What is Systemic Corruption?

    The American Institute for Economic Research publishes a piece that dares to mention the unmentionable - the possibility that entire systems of government can be corrupt from the top down.

    That's a most unwelcome thought as it puts our previous world-view under the microscope and threatens to have us re-evaluate our long-standing assumptions about the way in which we are governed. Surely in a democracy systemic corruption is impossible?

    Well is it?

    Many of the world's institutions are not democratic. The UN, the WHO, the WEF, the many mega-corporations now global in their reach are all unelected, as are the many "not for profit" global charities and philanthropic outfits and "think tanks" that we read about daily in our newspapers.

    The AIER

  • It All Hinges on the PCR Test - What if It's Inaccurate?


    When the pandemic subsided in June and deaths became "normal" again, many of us thought that it was all over.

    Not so fast! Deprived of their death statistics, the newspapers and governments world-wide simply transferred their attention to "cases", a suspect figure depending solely on a positive result from the now famous PCR Test.

    Medical tests are normally applied at the request of a physician in order to confirm or exclude a suspected diagnosis, but today we see a frantic effort to apply it to all and sundry as widely as possible and to regard every positive result as an infection.

    I won't rehearse these arguments yet again here, but a result of this strategy is that:

    if the PCR Test should not be worthy of the trust that is currently accorded it, then the pandemic narrative is rebutted in short order.

    Now "we all

  • First - Do No Harm


    It is remarkable in these so-called enlightened times that this message needs to be repeated, loud and clear, until our "lords and masters" listen to us.

    Who are SAGE that they have the exclusive ear of our government?

    Why are dissenting voices, even dissenting scientific papers, routinely ignored?

    Why are the perverse effects of lock-down never seriously considered so that a balanced judgement may be attained?

    Why are we rushing blindly into a vastly expensive mass vaccination program without thought for the unknown but possibly serious adverse consequences that may ensue over time? All for a disease that primarily carries off only the already unhealthy and the very elderly?

    In March the excuse of ignorance and urgency may have been plausible, but nine months on these factors are simply untenable.

  • Open Your Mind to the Great Awakening


    A truth’s initial commotion is directly proportional to how deeply the lie was believed. It wasn’t the world being round that agitated people, but that the world wasn’t flat.
    When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations, the truth will seem utterly preposterous and its speaker a raving lunatic
    — (Perhaps) Donald James

    1. Some think that the present election turmoil in the United States is just the usual American over-the-top way of doing things.
    2. That it happens to coincide with an unrelated pandemic which governments around the world are mishandling to a quite extraordinary degree is just the way things are.
    3. That coincidentally the World Economic Forum, the UN, the Central Banks all talking about a "Great Reset" is another unrelated exercise.
    4. And that elected (and maybe unelected) leaders around the world are suddenly all with
  • A Quick Skate through History - Alan Sked Reviews The State of Politics Today


    Alan Sked, the academic founder of the Anti-Federalist League which subsequently morphed into UKIP, reviews the state of politics today for Brexit Watch, with special attention to the state of politics north of the border.

    He reminds us of a lot of good points which underscore the impracticability of top-down centralised government by the elite, and expose the folly of the push toward Scottish independence.

    Whilst "too small and too much in debt to be independent" has some truth (ask the Greeks), "too big to be flexible and learn new tricks" also has validity, and it would seem that the trick is (a) to be solvent and (b) to find the right balance.

    British Law and Democracy Further Eroded?


    Jonathan Saxty writing for Brexit Watch draws our attention to the differences that the Swiss canton system bestows upon Swiss democracy, as compared to our own system.

    He also draws attention to the Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Bill  that "affords police – and other public bodies – the power to forgive crimes committed in the interests of national security, preventing or detecting crime or disorder, and for economic reasons".

    For economic reasons???

    "The Bill provides

  • The Daily Mail Responds to Dept of Health and Social Care


    Following an earlier article in the Mail (only slightly provocatively entitled "What they DON'T tell you about Covid and how the facts can be twisted") the Dept of Health and Social Care took to Twitter to contest the DM's message:

    "This article is misleading. This is a global pandemic . . . "  (etc - I'll save you the rest as it's entirely unoriginal)

    Haven't they heard that they can just ring up Twitter and get them to brand it as "misleading"?  That way they can avoid any repercussions, such as righteous indignation from many quarters, by deflecting them onto someone else.

    Ah well, maybe next time.

    As it is the Mail was able to publish a follow-up, ramming home the message from their original article and pointing up the absurdity of the government setting up a tweet that was certain to attract many cogent and indignant replies:

    "Sir Graham Brady,

  • This is not meant for you


    The author, Martin Geddes, is a British Computer Scientist and a rather unusual man.

    He has probably spent more time than most in reassessing his views on life and reconstructing a world view based on the evidence as he sees it.

    He has trodden a path that very many of us are now having to contemplate, so if you don't fancy starting from scratch, his web-sites offer us a crash course in the re-evaluation of our world.

    https://www.onq.martingeddes.com/            https://www.martingedd.es/

    I would love to see his analysis on the state of play in the United Kingdom,

  • All This PCR Testing is Fooling the World


    Lockdown Sceptics publishes an article by well qualified authors (including Dr Mike Yeadon) which forensically explains how reliance on the PCR test is producing a "pseudo-epidemic".

    "A false positive pseudo-epidemic is a well described phenomenon in the medical literature which results in an exponential rise in diagnosed cases and deaths but no excess deaths. PCR testing is renowned for it and the “second wave” of Swine Flu in 2009 was entirely a false positive pseudo-epidemic only stopped by stopping the testing"

    This is the simple key point at issue which fatally undermines the whole government-by-big-pharma covid narrative, and the cogent arguments presented in this article deserve everybody's full attention, especially as we learn today that "end of lockdown" most emphatically does not involve any significant relaxation of

  • ICAN: "NIH Officials Stand to Earn Millions from Moderna Vaccine"


    Del Bigtree is a long-time journalist campaigning for vaccine truth, and has been diligently researching who benefits from the proposed mass Covid vaccinations of the world.

    This is their report - it names names and names vaccines. Conflicts of interest at the heart of a US medical regulatory authority? Surely not?

    This follows on from previous ICAN lawsuits:

    Sept 2018: "Stipulated Order Confirming non-Compliance with 42 USC 300AA-27C"

    "In 1986 Congress charged Health and Human Services (HHS) with the primary responsibility of ensuring vaccine

  • Great Reset Abolishes the US Constitution and English Bill of Rights


    It has come to something when an "alternative medicine" site plunges into the world of global politics, but I suppose they are only following the lead of Big Pharma and the WHO. Politics and medicine are now joined at the hip, and have been ever since the politicians decided to "regulate" medical practice and monopolise it in the UK via the NHS. Strange how the denationalisation agenda of earlier Tory governments never extended to medicine.

    And this is no cursory survey of the politics, but a full blown analysis of how the global "stakeholders" (mega-corporations of all kinds and their cronies to you and me) set out to overturn the rights of peoples across the world:

    "The kicker is Article 29(3), which authorises the UN to suspend or remove ANY right or freedom and presumably due process of law that is contrary to their purposes and principles, which could of course change with the wind, with no mechanisms in place of any kind to check that power, they can simply do with you what they like, when they

  • Lockdown - Part of the Grand Green Global Design


    The Conservative Woman publishes an article by John Mortimer which dissects the governments fig-leaf veneer of incompetence (to somewhat mix my metaphors).

    Last February / March there was room for doubt, but for me that doubt disappeared in July when we were told to wear face masks (a) without any supporting evidence and (b) despite the fact that the virus had been at that point defeated without any need to wear face masks throughout the thick of the first lockdown. Something else was going on.

    This feeling is confirmed as the government continues to refuse to publish any assessment of the risks inherent in lockdown to the national economy, the national health (not the NHS!), and the myriad livelihoods dependent on the success of small businesses. They know that such a risk assessment could not stand public scrutiny, yet feel confident that they will not be

  • The Shape of Things Now Fast-Tracking


    It will come as no surprise to some that this site maintains a healthy suspicion concerning the motives of those who would use the supra-national bodies such as (but not confined to) the UN for their own purposes.

    Huh - that's just a conspiracy theory - where is the evidence?

    Well, there's plenty of circumstantial evidence for those who can put two and two together, but there is now a body of more direct evidence that is growing steadily in the less-controlled parts of the media, and today Lockdown Sceptics highlights a whistle-blower, a former parliamentary adviser in the German Bundestag, who sets out his thoughts on what is now going on, not just in Germany, but across the world.

    "It is important that we, as a society, should again become capable of exchanging information without prejudice and with good will, even on controversial issues. We in Germany urgently need to learn once more how to listen to and respect each

  • The Costs of Lockdowns - Preliminary Report


    The AIER, noting the dearth of attempts to measure the costs associated with locking down a population, has published its own summary of the many different unwanted outcomes. Whilst the many and varied effects are difficult to reduce to a single measure, the overall list makes for salutary reading.

    Based on figures mainly for the United States, they include reports from the UK and elsewhere where available.

  • "The Reversal of Everything This Nation Ever Stood For"


    Monday's UK Column News report provides perhaps an unwelcome glimpse of where we are headed in the UK. It is admirably summed up by David Scott part-way through and in my opinion is essential viewing, touching as it does on so many of the major topics of the day:


    Like / Dislike this video here.

    Towards the end they disclose that up to 14 thousand may be working for the Cabinet Office - more than enough to give a mere 650 MPs the run-around I would think.

    To adapt a quote from Shelley's "Ozymandias": "Look on my works, ye Mighty People, and despair!"

  • "Covid-19: Politicisation, 'Corruption', and Suppression of Science" - BMJ Editorials


    Apparently the Liverpool testing programme is less than fully formed - this article in the BMJ explores the quick-turn-around test currently piloted in Liverpool and already being rolled out elsewhere in what to some might seem like unthinking haste, given that the pilot scheme has not yet been evaluated.

    "This is a screening programme, not opportunistic case finding: people are invited to have a test they would not otherwise have had, or asked for. If judged against the criteria drawn up by the UK’s National Screening Committee for appraisal of a programme’s viability, effectiveness, and appropriateness, it does not do well and has been already roundly criticised"

    "The test’s instructions for use state that it should not be used on asymptomatic people . . . . It suggests the test misses between one in two and one in four cases. The false positive rate of 0.6% means that at the current

  • The Role of Web 3?


    What is the essential divergence between our current political institutions and a government of the people by the people and for the people?

    We all know the feeling that our politicians "listen to us" once every 4 or 5 years in order to get elected, and then go their own way on many topics that never featured in their promises list. HS2 springs to mind, but climate change is another topic that seems to have been manufactured by the UN and foisted on populations without a great deal of democratic support. Indeed some may suspect the WHO of complicity in setting up a much over-egged "pandemic", judging by the way that governments across the world are relentlessly locking down their subjects until "big pharma" can profit hugely from their vaccine roll-outs.

    We could look at this as a difference between top-down and bottom-up policy-making - all policy-making is done by political parties influenced by NGOs, "think tanks", global bodies of the rich and maybe not so famous, global institutions that