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  • Syria!


    We have become accustomed to sporadic reports from Syria, some alleging chemical attacks, some alleging incursions by terrorists, and more. Vanessa Beeley has featured on UK Column for some time, reporting on these events, whilst mainstream media has reported a different version of events.

    Of late, Syria seems to have been stabilised to some extent through by support from Russia.

    Yet the troubles continue.

    Perhaps this video will shed some light on what has been going on. 

    I present it as is without verification. It's your judgement that counts.

    (88 minutes)



  • Return to Palnackie


    Martin Geddes returns to Palnackie (of which he has written previously).

    He uses his experience to encourage us in our social responsibilities, and it is a reflective discourse on some of the problems that afflict our local governance, and how we may / should respond to them.

    Being bothentertaining and illustrative of the interactions between human foibles and the knowledge of being under observation, it is interesting on many levels.

    Essential reading for would-be local officials and politicians?



  • Fulford Report Monday 18 Sept 2023


    An event-packed report this week that reviews the antics of those who are thought to be running out of time and money at the end of this month (again). I guess there are none so resourceful as those whose backs are in the corner.

    It seems that Chairman Xi is still not playing their game, and there is plenty else going on, although nothing decisive as yet.

    Modest subscription required - "blade runners", now enjoying an international following, may be interested.


  • "We Are Past the Time When Reform Was Possible"


    Neil Oliver is outspoken and indeed speaks for many - but are we really past the time for reform?

    Dominic Cummings makes a case for limited reform - it's an extensive case, but perhaps it qualifies as a limited hangout - a last-ditch attempt to persuade us that reform is coming - but without mentioning that it perpetuatesstillthe underlying problem.

    Many believe it now very obvious that those who control the Parties control Parliament, by controlling the selection of candidates for election, and by whipping MPs to vote as directed by the Party. Elections provide the veneer of competition and a largely fake responsibility to constituents. Until this changes, MPs are the Party's MPs, and the Parties are

  • Out With the Old Democracy, In With the New?


    I never thought I would feature Dominic Cummings, but this polemical brain-dump is too good to miss. It's also tediously long and in many ways repetitive (forgivable in an ex-insider who has seen a lot of both dark and light), but has its essentials squarely in the right place.

    Whether or not we agree with his solution, it's a potent message.

    It's also too long to digest in one sitting, so I have indexed the sections below :

    A great chance (best since 1850s?) to replace the Tories


  • The Struggle for Survival of the Oligarchs


    In counterpoint to Ivor's "Wars of the Bankers", LaRouchePAC runs us through the history of the oligarchy from Plato/Socrates through to America and Lyndon LaRouche.

    Do you think that rule by filthy-rich oligarchs is a modern phenomenon? Think again...

    "Through Plato’s writing, Socrates details all of the inherent flaws of oligarchical rule and all of the practices which will lead to its downfall"

    "The American Revolution changed human society in the most profound ways possible. It proclaimed a culture based on human freedom, equality, economic development, and ongoing upward human progress"

    The above isn't strictly accurate - it didn't change the existing societies, it set up a new beta test version of how we as free men would best govern ourselves. Like all beta tests, it

  • The Wars of the Bankers?


    Once again Ivor Cummins brings us a lucid and compelling theory - this time not by himself, but introduced by himself - behind the wars of the past centuries, and the theme underlying them all.

    It's as short and succinct as can be expected, but a bit of a roller-coaster given the extent of the timescale covered. Don't blink, or you'll miss one .

    (46 minutes)


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  • New UN Political Declaration on Pandemics


    Another precision piece from the Brownstone Institute that confirms precisely what is going on at the WHO. Readers of our site will already know what we think of that body, but it's always good to see the logic behind the situation laid out so clearly, and to get an update on current status.

    It is (of course!) a declaration on "pandemic preparedness". We haven't had a pandemic of significance in the last hundred years, but all of a sudden we must expect a whole slew of them? I have yet to see their evidence for this proposition upon which they expect us to lavish £$€¥billions.

    Orwell would be disappointed to note that despite his best efforts, we failed to heed his warning. His vision of "Newspeak" is only slightly off the mark when considered against modern NWO speak, which also utilises long tracts of bland-speak impenetro-speak and somno-speak to put us off ever looking at it.

    "Their Pharma sponsors reasonably expect to make several hundred billion

  • Trump the Tremendous?


    Whilst I have no wish to get involved too deeply in the mire of American politics, Trump is far more than another American politician and president.

    He plays by his own rules and has virtually single-handedly taken on both the Democrat and the Republican parties and shaken the whole system by the scruff. 

    He was also a great statesman who bestrode much of the world in 2017/18. Some think he may have shaken that world in like manner, if more quietly. So it is that this article from the Brownstone Institute has relevance to both the US and to the rest of the world, especially as one of the primary topics at issue is the US (and global) response to Covid.

    Trump has questions to answer. Those answers should be very revealing, so perhaps the time has come to demand answers of him just as much as of everybody else.


  • How to Thrive Despite the Politicians?


    In a nice little video from Fortune and Freedom, Nick Hubble interviews Nigel Farage about the way in which national statistics and government interact to "benefit" the people.

    Sadly (in my jaundiced view) Nigel has never regained his pre-Brexit form, and here permits himself to be upstaged by Nick, who inserts the most pertinent points  - I hope he never wields a stiletto with such accuracy.

    The one to watch? No contest.

    (10 minutes)


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  • Worldwide Digital Ids and Currencies are Go!


    The G20 (inclusive of the original BRICS members) has reportedly agreed "to plan to eventually impose digital currencies and digital IDs on their respective populations"

    No surprise there then.

    "The group announced last week that they had agreed to build the necessary infrastructure to implement digital currencies and IDs"

    If it's announced, it's likely all ready for beta test, even initial roll-out in some lucky country.

    "European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen called for digital ID systems similar to COVID-19 vaccine passports and for an international regulatory body for artificial intelligence (AI)"

    "She... called the European Union’s COVID-19 digital certificate a perfect model for digital public infrastructures (DPI), which would include digital

  • The Shape of Wars to Come?


    This site has remarked upon this topic before, but it hasn't really gained much mainstream coverage. Still, we now have some reporting that work by "German, Swedish, Finnish and UK Defence specialists" is being used by the UK military and the German Bundeswehr working together to "to understand how human augmentation emerging technologies could affect the future of society, security and Defence".

    Given the state of the war in Ukraine, how likely do we think it is that that benighted country is going to be used, or is already being used, as a testing-ground for such technology?

    If they are, however hesitantly, now floating the idea across the general public, then it's a reasonable bet that this is already happening, "for our safety" of course.

    And if the trials in theatre prove successful, then roll-out will commence in earnest.

    Should we be worried? Forces personnel have no choice when medical preventative measures are required of

  • "Biggest Grass-Roots Movement in History"


    Biggest in History?!

    No lack of ambition here then.

    Personally I'd settle for the biggest in the UK (for now).

    All joking aside though, I suggest that this initiative from Not Our Future has much to commend it.

    No it won't be perfect, so if you're looking for perfection then, as always, you will have to look elsewhere; but if "we the people" want to wrest control of our country back from the vice-like grip of the political parties (and their donors/controllers), then we will have to vote them out.

    That gives us two high hurdles to leap - 

    1. The votes must be honestly collected counted verified and substantiated. 
    2. They must not go to political parties or party
  • The Science - Debunked


    "...  collapse of the once revered scientific process... "

    "...  there will need to be an inquiry into how so many scientific bodies abandoned core principles of scientific integrity... "

    "... silenced those who tried to continue the scientific endeavour... "

    "Group-think that maintains prevailing fads and suppresses dissent on behalf of alleged ‘consensus’ is the opposite of the central purpose of universities

    This site has pointed out before now that the scientific method, which prizes investigative questioning and confirmation/refutation of accepted theories by multiple independent scientists, has been abandoned in recent years in favour of both complexity, and "authority", posing as science. 

    Germany Passes its Own Energy - Dictatorial Powers - Law


    Once again, Britain is leading the way in Europe! No doubt the Germans were so impressed by the British Parliament's recent efforts that they have passed what sounds much like a carbon copy (sorry - not carbon, that's being zeroed) of the recent UK Energy Bill. Or did the UK borrow our Bill from them? Well, we are still good Europeans at heart are we not?

    Complete with heat pumps, mandatory renewables, all the usual impracticable nonsense that will leave the population cold, and its once unstoppable economic miracle - how to put this? - well, stopped. This promises to be as popular as a teetotaller at the Munich Oktoberfest. Speaking of which, I wonder when the good politicians of Germany (or the UK for that matter) will cotton on to how much CO2 is produced by the brewing industry...

    And after all, why would good Europeans need manufacturing industry when China / Far East does it all for us with plentiful coal power?

  • Actively Dying


    I guess I've heard everything now, but I fear that I may be mistaken.

    The NHS diagnosis of "actively dying" must be a new low in its crusade to rid itself of bed-blockers that it doesn't like.

    Whatever this patient's disabilities, it surely not the place of "our" NHS to condemn her to death by actively withdrawing support. 

    Here we see all the usual gambits invoked "for her protection" - banned from speaking to the press, being taken to court so that a "palliative care plan" that she does not want can be imposed upon her, presumably "for her own good".

    Oh, and all in the face of expert witnesses who state that she is mentally competent to make her own decisions, and is therefore entitled to do so.

    It is becoming difficult to overstate the complete disregard for law, justice, and indeed basic human dignity that now infests our medical and legal

  • Why Was the Lucy Letby Case for Sale?


    Cheshire police/CPS haveauctioned the film rights for their investigation, with ITV placing the winning bid"

    So who exactly is profiting from this case that "brought the UK’s worst child killer Lucy Letby to justice" ?

    Is this the totally impartial police/CPS who have no motivation other than their altruistic desire to see justice done though the Heavens fall? Or did they either explicitly or implicitly collude with the Countess of Chester neonatal unit to deflect the blame for what

  • Myth of Asymptomatic Spread of Covid


    The Daily Sceptic reports that the Lancet has produced a study that explodes "a myth that formed a key part of social distancing policies and fear messaging during the pandemic".

    The choice of words is interesting, indicating that somehow this myth formed from an unknowable process that nobody understood, emerging from within the amorphic consciousness of the time.

    In fact it resulted from a relentless barrage of full-page newspaper advertisements bought and paid for by "our" government.

    From Imperial College no less (not that I would consider that a recommendation) research has concluded that "transmission during the presymptomatic phase is responsible for a tiny fraction of overall spread".

    Well, it's good of them to confirm that the findings of our report from January 2021 were

  • "Safe and Effective" - or "Safety and Effectiveness Unknown"?


    Politico explains the contract offered by Pfizer to governments around the world for supply of the Covid jabs.

    Now it's true that this particular evidence concerns the contract offered to South Africa, but if you think that the UK may have benefited from better terms then I have a Thames-side penthouse in New York to offer you...

    If you think we have been lied to on an industrial scale, then you may be in a more extensive population grouping than you previously thought...

    (4 minutes)


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  • Government Still in Denial on Dangers of EMFs


    The people who exhibit a high degree of sensitivity to EMFs (radio waves) present a problem to which governments, and the regulatory authorities around the world that work for them, have studiously closed their eyes and ears for far to long.

    This site has documented this myopia for years, and there are now many more sites and voluntary organisations that have been mounting lawsuits and calling for some real investigations leading to sensible practicable and balanced guidelines, but there are none so deaf as those who will not listen.

    So reluctantly we must highlight the same message again and again, this time delivered by Gillian