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  • Covid Vaccines - A Crime against Humanity?


    Is Covid-19 a crime against humanity?

    Or are the vaccines a crime against humanity?

    Or both of the above?

    A crime must cause damage. An attempted crime need not cause damage but must have been attempted in order to cause damage.

    It could be argued that Covid-19 itself (whatever it actually is) did not cause damage (being little worse than the infuenza which it seems to have somehow replaced), but was used by certain governments as the reason for the undoubted damage caused by imposition of severe lockdown restrictions.

    But the case against the virtual imposition of vaccines through fear of Covid-19 induced by psychological manipulation is much stronger. The vaccines have not been fully authorised, they have only been given approval for use in an emergency, long-term safety is unknown. The trials are ongoing and will not be completed until 2022/2023. Yet the

  • Bayer Loses Another Court Case


    Bayer (the company that purchased the rights to herbicide glyphosate when it bought Monsanto and ended up settling a court case for $2 billion) has lost another case, this time in the ECLJ, which upheld a lower court decision to ban certain "bee-killing" pesticides from use in the EU.

    protecting nature and people's health takes precedence over the narrow economic interests of powerful multinationals

    Nevertheless it's only a partial ban relating to its use on certain crops ("maize, rapeseed, and some cereals") - but

    "... governments can grant exemptions to the ban, and other dangerous pesticides are still in use https://t.co/upPwIsOjiR

    Flat-footed or Back-footed?


    Lockdown Sceptics may not be everybody's cup of tea but they do come up with some interesting nuggets. One such is the record of our boys in blue - or perhaps more accurately our justice system - in prosecuting offences under the Coronavirus Act2020 - and other acts that have been used to imbue the coronavirus restrictions with the supposed force of law.

    We have seen footage of arrests made (with unprecedented levels of force and sometimes what appears to be gratuitous violence) at protests where people simply want to exercise their traditional rights. Yet the government, by imbuing the Covid menace with previously unknown powers of transmission depending upon seemingly arbitrary circumstances, has sought to deny us our critical long-established freedoms.

  • Levelling - Up Down or Sideways?


    Governments love to be thought to be the saviour of the people - listen to any politician and they will intervene in any number of ways known and as yet unknown to man to assure the future of the nation, the region, the city, the countryside, the ports, the railways, the hospitals, the towns, the rivers, the parks, the farmers, the fishermen, the housing market, the children, the pensioners, the veterans, the small businesses, etc etc (apologies to any I have omitted).

    When have such interventions ever delivered their promised outcome (let alone at the promised cost)?

    So will Boris Johnson's latest wheeze to level up the North bear the promised fruit of increased prosperity for the "grim up North", or will it simply expand the burden of stultifying central control outwards from London?


  • Aluminium in Vaccines?


    Is there aluminium in vaccines? Definitely.

    Is it harmful? Some say it is, some say not when within in the specified limits.

    Is it present in vaccines within the specified limits? Not always, according to researchers affiliated to Keele University, Staffordshire.

    What vaccines are we talking about? Quite a number, again according to Keele University researchers.

    So what to do? ICAN is petitioning the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration in the US) to do its job of ensuring that the vaccines that it approves are the vaccines that are actually in use.

    "We found that only three vaccines contained the amount of aluminium indicated by the manufacturer. Six

  • To Liberate Humanity From The Shackles of Tyranny


    Dr Pam Popper is a realist.

    Here she talks about the measures that people take to object to and counter the political diktats that have been brought in to support the Covid narrative, and points out that those measures have not been working. They don't work because the assumption that the politicians work for us is false and the politicians simply carry on with their plans regardless. Petitions, letters, presentations of evidence, it makes no difference.

    So what did they pioneer in Ohio to start to make a difference?

    "Community isn't how many people you put in a room, community is the connection between the people"

    "Reform isn't working, so...  maybe what has to happen is the whole thing blows up so it can be rebuilt again from scratch, and that's actually easier to do..."

    This is a very thought-provoking session, it's suggestions will be unwelcome to

  • People Have No Idea How Controlled "Medical Science" Actually Is


    This video pertains to the situation in the US - but - can anybody still doubt that much the same applies across the world, including the UK?

    Are the foxes in charge of the hen-house?

    Reiner and Leslie spill the beans:

    "You don't get anywhere unless you are willing to play ball with these groups"

    "for the last 20 years they've been really laying the groundwork for this moment"


  • Calm Words Pertinent to our Times


    For those of us who feel despair creeping upon us out of the fog of uncertainty, even potential treachery, that seeps (sometimes spews) daily from our newspapers TV and alt media, the temptation is to block it out, to seek refuge in inconsequential matters - hobbies, gardening, day-dreaming of holidays yet to come, chatting and gossiping about daily trivia, anything in fact except the contentious issues that in 2021 still insolently dare to face us down.

    In truth switching off is a practical necessity every now and then, since nobody can contemplate the weight of the world's problems without an occasional measure of R&R. Switching off permanently however would be to surrender, to shirk our responsibility to counter the uncertainty and to defeat those who would grind our hopes to nothing and consign our aspirations to oblivion.

    But how to contemplate those issues which so intimidate us, how

  • NHS Covid - The Inside Story from UK Column


    Posted by UK Column on Tuesday 4th May.

    "I think that a lot of people think that the NHS is in complete control of this, and actually don’t realise that under emergency measures, they are told what to do"

    "I think the long-term safety effects of these injections is still not known, yet we can see that the short-term impact is huge. And we’re now moving into a territory where we are going into healthy, younger, fertile individuals, and — God forbid — children. And that, quite frankly, terrifies me"

    "People with dry, cracking hands from the amount of hand-washing that they’re having to do; constant face mask wearing, causing huge skin problems; massive headaches; a lot of people off sick — and the pressure that is going into the system is huge"

    "I feel like the fear has increased, because the propaganda and the news outlets and the pressure from the Government has increased. It’s

  • A Pandemic of Vulnerability?


    Zach Bush meets Del Bigtree in Hawaii (wouldn't we all?) to discuss his views on the latest virus situation - and that's just the start.

    Their first encounterwe highlighted in December 2020 - in fact it's the only video that we have highlighted twice.

    Zach does have an excellent way of expressing himself and explaining his understanding of how our bodies function and how we relate to the planetary ecosystems of life - I have never found anyone else express this compelling vision (and no, that's not over-hyping it), let alone do it so cogently:

    "if you pile chronic inflammation and then pharmaceuticals on top of that then you create a perfect storm"

    "we may or may not have played a hand in creating the virus - we 100% created

  • Is a Religious Revival Brewing?


    If you are looking to me to answer that question then I cannot say, but I can say that there do appear to be straws in the wind . . .


    This video by Mark Steele (well-known "conspiracy theorist") who may well have Gateshead Council on the run is interesting. You don't have to accept the references to Satan if you don't want to, but it's getting to be unarguable that the globalist threat from socialism/fascism/communism/pick-your-own-ism that he talks about is real (whether deliberately so or misguidedly so is up to each of us to determine).


    For more from Mark Steele

  • Is our Government's Covid Response Driven by Science?


    Well, that's a debatable point, but we now have confirmation that there are some in government who appear convinced that the current low level of Covid cases will not mark the end of the pandemic. How do they know? Is there any scientific paper that suggests that it will carry on for another year? Do they have so little confidence in their vaccines?

    Or do they have wind of some other factor that has as yet not revealed itself to the world at large?

    UK Column News present their update for today, 3rd May:



  • Piers Corbyn speaks to Sarah Westall


    Piers is standing for Mayor of London in opposition to Sadiq Khan.

    In the wake of last Saturday's protest in London, Piers is interviewed by Sarah Westall.

    More power to his elbow.


  • ARISE USA Captain’s Log, Stardate 20210430


    Latest update on Robert David Steele's Arise USA Grand Tour to awaken the USA - and the world:


  • Mandatory Vaccination to be Brought In?


    Revised 2021-04-29, 2021-05-02

    When one writes to one's MP one might hope to receive a response that addresses one's specific queries, but it's probably no surprise to find that this is not always the case.

    Lockdown Sceptics recently highlighted just such an exchange of letters concerning the Covid vaccination campaign, and it makes for interesting reading:

    "I find it alarming that much attention is paid to the headline figures of

  • Leigh Dundas Superstar!


    This is a few days old now (sometimes I have trouble keeping up).

    You too may have trouble keeping up with her rapid-fire delivery (she was time-limited) but stick with it, there are pertinent points that could be applicable in the UK shortly.

    Her presentation starts at 2 minutes in.


  • Brian 4 Mayor


    This site does not support the two-party system (or any party system).

    We do support independent candidates.

    Is this the guy to rock the establishment to its core? (See Bookies' odds)

    Your decision.


    Like/Dislike this video here.

     More on Brian's support for Freedom and Free Speech.

  • Public-Party Partnership for Political Ends?


    I seem to be finding more legal cases by the day, and this is another brought to us by the Good Law Project, who have well and truly got the bit between their teeth on holding "our" government to account for their cavalier disregard for their legal responsibilities.

    This one is about their responsibility to keep Conservative Party political messaging out of the government's public messaging. Bearing in mind that the May elections are imminent, this is no minor point.

    It also brings once more into focus something that we may find concerning - the World Economic Forum in partnership with the UN now seems to be running the world's governments,

  • So You Think You Know Your Democracy?


    In these fraught days it is becoming more obvious with every twist and turn of the Great Covid Saga that we no longer live in a functional democracy, which I will loosely define here as our government by our representatives in Parliament. When we left the EU, Parliament assumed "sovereignty" under the European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Act 2020 in apparent contravention of the pre-EU constitutional settlement whereby our sovereign Monarch would appoint government ministers and Parliament would hold them to account on behalf of we the people. Was this a constitutional change by sleight of hand, or simply an ambiguity of wording?

    So what of "democracy"? If we would aspire to a better form of government, then it behoves us to understand what we have now, and to define what kind of democracy we need, so that we will be in a position to suggest how we may change the system to get to where

  • UK Democracy is Broken - What to Do?


    Conservative Woman is generally a well-grounded publication and this recent article is no exception.

    Our theme today is well supported  by this article which tears into our current political situation with a frankness that the Conservative party leadership would do well to heed - but inevitably won't.

    "We have no effective means of questioning or educating government ministers and policy-makers, even when they spout the most dreadful nonsense. It turns out that public debate – and the very occasional opportunity to vote for our ‘representatives’ – is demonstrably a pretence"


    "There is something you can do. There are many examples of truly democratic inclusion, and extensive evidence that such respectful strategies lead to improved decision-making: see