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  • Debanking Supplants Debunking?


    Perhaps the debunking was becoming too hard, too ineffective?

    "... nearly one million accounts have been closed over the past four years...  this figure may be underestimating the true scale of account closures, given that it only reflects accounts closed over concerns of financial crimes, and therefore would not include cases... [where] bankers determined that he did “not align” with the bank’s values... "

    Read the Story.

    Watch the video:

    (4 minutes)


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  • Financial Meltdown Incoming?


    This is a bit long and rambling, but never mind the shouty presentation (yes, they are American), but look at the facts presented.

    You won't find the substance of this on the BBC until it's all over.

    "... the Gold Token cannot be attacked if it's not a currency... "

    "... we're seeing Zimbabwe lead the way..." 

    "... a BRICS dumping ground for treasury bonds... "

    "... it means we're not going to be able to bring in imports ... "

    "... we're going to be in the midst of a Central Bank Digital Currency war... or stand-off, very soon... "

    "... it's not Klaus Schwab, it's King Charles... "

    "... 23 individual US States that have applied for BRICS membership...

  • A Load of Hot Air?


    What's up with the wind farms?

    Why does our power now cost an unaffordable arm and leg?

    Our modern industrial civilisation depends absolutely on a ready supply of affordable energy.

    Ah, but "climate change"! We must "save the planet"! We must build wind farms and solar panels instead of burning "fossil" fuels!

    Well, we've been building wind farms and installing solar panels seemingly for decades and to what net result?

    Why do all these wind farms not provide enough power? Have they made any impact upon the need for fossil fuels?

    With all these economical windmills working heroically night and day (when the wind blows), why have our power bills gone through the roof?

    Did those dreadful Russians take them all out?

    Or could it

  • Boris as You May Once Have Voted for Him


    There is a theory that Boris was a bit of a maverick.

    A man who declined to conform to the political norms of the day, who may even have had the interests of his electors at heart.

    Whether any of that is true is impossible to know, but some kind souls have put together a reconstruction of the Boris that perhaps we thought we knew - until the Covid scare destroyed all reason and rational argument on a global scale - speaking in the belly of the Beast.

    His warnings on 5G, Smart Cities (and Smart everything else) were indeed relevant.

    Quite interesting to review what might have been...

    (With thanks to the Light Paper &

    Recent By-Election Results - Whither Now?


    I don't normally devote much time or space to analysis of the workings of our current electoral system, and certainly none to debating party-political point-scoring presented by the media, but the recent by-elections do serve as a useful barometer of how the system that purports to send "our representatives" to Parliament is faring.

    Above all, it points up how easily the electorate appears to be manipulable by the media, so it reinforces my view that until we the people take an independent-minded interest in our political system, and determine to take it by the scruff and make it work for us, we are doomed to repeat all the failings of the past in perpetuity.

    That said, this review by Anthony Webber for UNN does strike me as very constructive, making several useful points which would repay careful attention.

    Cell Phone Radiation Defiance


    The FCC's radiation safety guidelines are, some feel, well out of date and have failed to keep up with modern technology.

    The FCC's past chairman Tom Wheeler had this to say about the need for safety testing some years ago, and it seems that little if anything has changed since.

    The Defender (Children's Health Defence) reports on the latest prevarication / delay / failure to comply with a Court Order.

    We have reported on a

  • Ukraine War is a Psy-Op


    Scott Ritter again explaining why Zelensky is pursuing an unwinnable conflict in the face of "certain defeat".

    To me, he makes more sense than most. 

    Once again, ignore the title - it's misinformation about the content (depending on interpretation of course).

    (24 minutes)


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  • mRNA Technology - The Future?


    We have all heard about mRNA technology until we are blue in the ears (to mix metaphors) but Doctors for Covid Ethics have brought to the fore some conclusions that have huge implications for the future, and that may, indeed should, force us to choose our ground.

    Letting matters ride and trusting to the authorities to protect us is no longer an option, unless we want to dice with death - and how many of us would visit the NHS if that meant a quick game of Russian Roulette before leaving the premises?

    Surely that's just "conspiracy theory" nonsense?

    Well, maybe, maybe not. The Covid saga has been beset by so many theories and counter-theories that it's easy to be so confused that we throw up our hands in despair and conclude that we don't know the truth of them, but the D4CE book has most of the salient points covered - and are any less bad than the

  • Quantum Computing Explained?


    As a "computer scientist" I was taught to think bits bytes registers and code at a time when a computer needed quite a large air-conditioned room to itself, not to mention various peripheral units (card readers, paper tape readers, magnetic tape drives, printers) scattered around it in their own large cabinets, all connected by equally large underfloor cables, and requiring constant attention from an operator to load the right instruction programs and the correct data tapes on the right drives at the right time.

    In fact, it was a time when the "operating system" had yet to be invented and the operator had to preset the "read a punched card" instruction into the program register, and the first card read had to contain the first (machine code) instructions to be executed. This was known a bootstrapping.

    As time went on the next machines introduced the idea of an operating system (although it wasn't called that until later) whereby the small "executive program" sat permanently in the machine and the

  • Wind Farms Down Under, and More


    Rather a good analysis of the contributions made by "sustainable" energy "solutions" from someone who worked in the field.

    Have you ever wondered why wind turbines still rotate even in the mildest breeze?

    So is it all a load of hot air? You decide...

    (91 minutes) 



  • The Bidens According to Tucker


    Whatever you think of American politics, Tucker Carlson is, since he left them, reportedly more popular than Fox News, which must tell us something.

    Here he spills the beans on Hunter and Joe Biden and their supposedly completely above-board 'commercial' activities, as only Tucker can.

    (65 minutes)



  • Down the Rabbit Hole - to ... well, Almost Everything We Think we Know but Don't


    (New readers may like to check out the other articles in our "Down the Rabbit Hole" series, where we look at out-of-the-usual issues that many dismiss as absurd, but which seem remarkably resilient and are not easily disproved - forewarned is forearmed!)

    This is a tantalising exploration of our life assumptions that may be obscuring the truth about our world, our history, and our origins.

    It's quite a challenging ride, not only for the concepts presented (mud floods, rewriting of history to exclude the significant bits, Tartaria, ancient megaliths that we couldn't build even today, and the prediluvian civilisations of prehistory that survive only as fragments in the accounts of the ancients), but also in the possibly unhelpful sequence in which these matters are presented.

    Still, whatever its faults,

  • When is mRNA not mRNA?


    I suppose I naïvely thought that all the possible permutations and combinations of Covid possibilities had been explored by now, but it turns out I may be wrong.

    Only logic, based on evidence and sound assumptions, will expose the truth eventually. Yes, we are finding that all assumptions, both explicit and implicit, must be identified and tested.

    In this case, the assumptions about "lipid nano-particles" "mRNA" and the "spike protein".

    Don't get too alarmed by this content - after all, if you are still upright, still functioning, and still curious,  this strongly suggests that your immune system is taking care of you, whatever the truth of the assertions herein presented.

    (76 minutes)



  • Aliens Now Publicly Acknowledged?


    Tell Congress something we didn't know?

    Still, who knows what we should believe these days? 

    (2 minutes, plus additional USA news reports, plus some UAP footage from around the world at ~6 minutes)


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  • It's Not War, It's Terrorism


    Scott Ritter's latest comment on the Ukraine's missile war on Moscow: "It's not war, it's terrorism".

    Moscow's response is logical and to the point.

    Ignore the click-bait title, which appears divorced from reality.

    (15 minutes + additional reports)



  • Fulford Report (pre-written) - Monday 31 July 2023


    This week Ben offers us a rather startling list of all the many and various secret societies with which he has been in contact. 

    It's pre-written because he is currently on holiday.

    It is startling primarily in its length.

    Still, it's a big world, so maybe that's only to be expected, and in a world which we can now see has been run primarily by secret services / societies rather than the governments of the day, this is information of which we should be aware.

    Modest subscription required.


  • It Has Been US Policy All Along


    "What we see are official secret US policies that have included population reduction for decades.  Throughout history, the powerful have waged war on young people who resist, and have always waged war on non-conformity and non-compliance"

    So what part of "official secret US policies" do we not understand?

    Or to put it another way, when is "depopulation" not depopulation?

    As always, it's all about perception. But if the actual effect is depopulation regardless of the label under which the measures are being carried out, then just perhaps it's reasonable to suspect the logical conclusion.

    if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and swims waddles and dabbles like a duck, then it's a <insert your answer here>.


  • mRNA Results ... of Injection of Women and Mothers-to-be


    "... we exposed the most vulnerable to new risks that outweighed by far the original pandemic risks"

    "Today, more and more [results] of coronavirus measures pop up in our official statistics but few are interested to know"

    This is something that we should all know, as it strikes at the heart of humanity's future.

    Read the report.

    Watch the video:

    (56 minutes)



  • How to Approach our Spiritual Journey


    It's been a helter-skelter few years which have posed spiritual challenges both unfamiliar and enormous - but maybe not actually complicated.

    Unless you are one of those who rejects the very concept of spirituality. If so, just consider the simple logic - if we work together we are obviously more productive and powerful than if we fight each other. 

    To work together we must reach genuine agreement, which requires the free flow of ideas and true information. To avoid the fighting we must agree to stick to peaceful discourse.

    Everybody has the equipment between their ears to understand these points, but for whatever reason we are not all willing to make the deductions that follow on from them.

    This is a useful ramble around the psychology of these situations, and it challenges us all to face up to the realities.

    As individuals working separately we are not going to

  • Thought of the Week


    Martin Geddes with another of his dissertations on the current state of events within the broader sweep of recent (and not so recent) history.

    In times like these when it's become extremely difficult to determine what is true and what is false, confusion is our ever constant companion;  yet is it possible by setting events within context to bring some clarity at least to the overall direction of travel.

    Our planetary exodus from being taken hostage



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