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Free Citizen

  • The Bernician - Private Criminal Prosecution - Latest!


    We have reported on this case previously - very previously - but we perhaps didn't expect such a protracted delay in taking this forward.

    Perhaps we should have.

    Anyway, we do finally have an update, even if it follows a similar fate to Mark Sexton's submission to the Metropolitan Police.

    Of course that is not the end of the matter - an appeal is now in train. Mark Sexton's submissions never even got before a judge, so this does represent progress, of a sort.

    The judicial system itself is now in the dock of public opinion.

    "... it

  • Limited Hangout


    I'm somewhat belatedly catching up with some of the stuff I should have posted previously, and this one is both a reminder of what we have been through in recent times, and a useful introduction to a term with which we should probably become familiar (if we are not already).

    Yes, making sense of life on earth is turning out to be a far trickier task that most of us ever imagined!

    Each of us constructs our own image of reality "inside our heads", and I'd wager that no two such images are identical. When we discuss topics on which our respective images clash, either argument ensues or agreement to differ is required.

    One problem is that we don't all create our images using the same information and methodology. Sources of information are consulted but not necessarily verified for accuracy, depending upon the perceived risk of damage to ourselves and/or our plans should inaccuracy turn out to be the case. If we have to catch a train to go and see our auntie,

  • TCW - Celebrating Dissent Event


    Film of the TCW recent Event at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster.

    Laugh, cry, and cheer with Kathy Gyngell, and a host of guests who have become celebrity dissenters, willing or not.

    Accept the challenge!

    (94 minutes)



  • Leading German Newspaper Die Welt Goes Public on Pfizer Vaccine Trial


    The cracks in the global media's slavish adherence to the official narrative are appearing, even if "only" in Germany.

    Where one leads, others will follow - and not before time.

    Where have they been these last years?

    Steel yourself:

    Essential reading (download).

    The Daily Sceptic spills the beans.


  • Semiotics Explained, & Taking the War to the Enemy


    It's never too late to learn a new word, and "semiotics" is today's opportunity!

    So all you smug intellectuals who already knew it can now look down your noses at me in confident superiority - and provided you limit your pride to your comparative knowledge of linguistics, then I demur not.

    So why do I mention this apparently random word here? Well, it appears in the latest contribution to our understanding of the Woke, the Gender dysphoria, and the Transgender indoctrination ideologies that so infect our public institutions these days, in diametric opposition that eternal bedrock of our civilised humanity, the family.

    Until now(/recently?) the propagation and upbringing of the human race has been

  • Russia-Ukraine Explained in 4 Minutes


    A brief exposé of the history behind Russia's intervention in the Ukraine.

    (4 minutes)


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  • The Great Awakening


    Yes, it's that man again - Richard Vobes takes on a new interviewee in Martin Geddes, ex IT / telecoms expert, investigator of the Q phenomenon, "conspiracy theorist", now spiritual adventurer, also blogger, author, and photographer.

    If this doesn't turn out to be interesting then I don't know what would be.

    (54 minutes)


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    Post interview, Martin posted his reactions to his substack page.


  • What is Government For?


    Richard Vobes, interviewer par excellence, talks with William Keyte, for a third time.

    This time it's about why we have government, what "government" should really be for, and why we are in our current situation.

    As always, well worth your time, particularly because if we are ever going to get out from under an abusive style of government, then we as "the people" will need to understand how we got here and work out how we get the change that we want. If ever we can decide what we really do want.

    And surely that is exactly the problem - people have become so accustomed to the way things are that somehow we will have to educate ourselves about how we got to where we are now, before we can work out how we will change society to get to where we really want to be.

    And Richard would seem to be as close to the right man for the job as we are likely to find anywhere. Does he realise just how important he

  • HAARP - Played by Angels or Demons?


    The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have made the news recently, but there have been many others around the world in recent times.

    Much speculation has been centred on the assertions that at least some of these have been created deliberately. How on earth is that done? By using electromagnetic waves at enormous power to mess with the ionosphere, it is asserted that earthquakes below the heated area may be triggered. You wouldn't need power to move the tectonic plates, just enough to trigger release of the building tension between adjacent plates.

    The HAARP (high frequency active auroral research program) installations around the world are supposed to be for monitoring and research purposes, but they are connected to electrical supplies capable of massive power - such as might be required to attempt such feats as to trigger an earthquake.

    Destination of Humanity?


    When I was in my teens I was always a bit flummoxed by the TV series "The Prisoner".

    I couldn't see the point in a nameless person held captive within a nameless but apparently comfortable - even luxurious - village.

    Where was the action? Plenty.

    Where was the good guy? Patrick McGoohan. Number six.

    Where were the bad guys? Only the minions were ever in evidence, never the big bad bosses.

    Where was the victory of good over evil? Nowhere to be seen - it was a never-ending dystopia.

    It broke the mould of TV adventure series where the goodies always triumphed over the baddies, so there appeared to be no point in watching it - we knew how each episode would always end: more of the same.

    So why watch it?

    Now in 2023

  • Ukraine - The Untold Story?


    The Western media companies like to portray Russia as the aggressor in the Ukraine - but is that so?

    As ever, the true situation seems to be more complicated, or perhaps less reported.

    Mike Whitney writing for Global Research paints a different picture that certainly adds additional nuance to the situation, or even overturns the western narrative completely:

    "... has anyone in the western media reported on the fact that Putin invoked UN Article 51 before he launched the Special Military Operation?"

    "No, they haven’t, because to do so, would be an admission that Putin’s military operation complies with international law"

    Worth reading.

  • The "Pfizer Defence"


    Sasha Latypova delivers 25 minutes on the results of her investigations into who exactly was pulling the strings of the warp-speed vaccines, and how it went.

    We have noted her work previously, but it is worth repeating as she reveals processes methods and controlling interests hugely at variance with our reasonable expectations.

    At 24:25: Pfizer's declaration in court: "We did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered"

    (25 minutes)



  • Ever Wondered What a Hot WW3 Looks Like?


    Ukrainians are finding out.

    This is not for the faint of heart, but it is where US UK and EU funds and materiel for the Ukraine ends up.

    Is it value for money?

    (8 minutes)


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  • View from the Bottom


    UK Column brings us some very interesting contributions from members of the Love Party - no it's not a hippy collective high on LSD, it's the views of three citizens who realise how the world is moving and are doing something about it.

    "... ultimately, that is the end-game... "

    Their tactic is to form a political party to take on the establishment.

    More power to their elbow.

    Maybe however they should note that in addition to corporate takeovers of small businesses through a variety of tactics, the deep state / corporate media is also expert at marginalising smaller parties, taking control and if required neutralising them by any means necessary, whenever they threaten to get out of hand (whatever happened to UKIP?).

    (64 minutes)


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  • 5G - The Case for the Judicial Review


    As previously reported, The Court of Appeal was to hear the case for a judicial review of the Govenment's bland but allegedly baseless assurances that the 5G roll-out poses no threats to human health on 6/7th February.

    That hearing did take place and an account of the hearing by the barrister for the claimants has been published, outlining the submissions to the Court.

    "On 6 and 7 February 2023 the Administrative Court heard the judicial review of the Secretary of State’s alleged failure to address the evidence of risks to human health posed by 5G technology"

    "At the hearing the government argued that there is no duty to inform the public of any risks at all, because it essentially denies that there are any risks from the increased exposures or new form of radiation frequency to be used in 5G

  • An Explosive Green Reminiscence with Justin Walker


    Another excellent interview by Richard Vobes, with Justin Walker from the Hardwick Alliance, who spills the inside beans on how the original Ecology Party was transformed by the global elite into today's (some would say bogus) Green movement so beloved of the UN-WEF partnership (not to mention the bankers).

    "I thought people in government were benign benevolent decent people doing their best for the people"

    An interview which touches on almost everything that seems to be wrong with our world today.


    (55 minutes)



  • Class Action Lawsuit - For Those Harmed by the UK Government's Covid Measures


    "If you’ve suffered loss or injury because of Covid Measures in the UK, you may have a claim against the UK Government for causing these harms" (cacuk.uk)

    Mina Dew explains the legal case to UNN's Anthony Webber.

    "Their case is different from other Covid cases. First, they challenge the pretext of a pandemic, based on available mortality data. They also highlight that the government's "response" always assumed vaccination was the answer. They challenge that assumption too!

    "As well as seeking compensation and declaratory relief, they want to use this case to effect positive changes in our laws and in society, specifically:

    "To prove that vaccines must never be mandatory (they are “unavoidably unsafe” according to US