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  • "The Great NHS Heist"


    The NHS is lauded by many as our "national treasure" - much like the BBC really - and set up for ostensibly laudable reasons. Who would not want competent but expensive medical treatment free at the point of use?

    But did the NHS deliver?

    Well, here we are in 2023 and those on waiting lists may feel that promise rapidly receding over the future horizon.

    How far has the rot set in?

    "... it saddled the NHS with a toxic burden of debt... "

    Ah, debt... the cause of all modern ills it would seem. Who created that debt?

    "... the Health and Social Care Act... in effect in law abolished the NHS... removed the duty of the Secretary of State to provide health care" (see also the

  • Dr Mike Yeadon Spells it Out


    Mike Yeadon has been outspoken about the Covid deception from the beginning. He explains some devastating conclusions which many still have a problem recognising.

    For my own part, like many others,  I came to much the same conclusions over much the same timescale from checking out the published statistics, and although I couldn't draw the same detailed analysis of the pharmacology, it was clear that this was a global hoax of a pandemic and not for good or acceptable purposes. Censorship of conflicting opinions is expensive, and not applied on that scale unless there is something that absolutely has to be hidden.

    This is a presentation that everyone should see, mark, and understand as if lives will depend on it - the sad truth is that they will.

    (21 minutes)

    Watch on Rumble.


  • A Tall Tale of Abuse of Power?


    Martin Geddes (yes, him again) expands the scope of his reporting, this time to relate a depressing story of power withheld, and indeed justice withheld.

    We have been following his battles over the TV licence fee and the supposed obligation to pay Council Tax, but this is a new twist; although I guess we shouldn't be surprised that there are other allegedly legal obligations that are conflicted in similar manner.

    Happily he hasn't sought to take on this battle himself, but reports on another's quest to maintain power supply to his home with a supplier of his choice.

    "It is a genuine scandal, and forms part of a much bigger scandal of how power companies treat us like serfs and ignore the law with impunity"

    "This is the critical point: NONE of these entities had any power to act whatsoever"

    I can't imagine that any major power company

  • The Independent Alliance - The Cure for Parliament?


    Party Politics is broken. Vote for a candidate, get a political party.

    Who does the Party work for? Follow the money...

    It's now very clear that in fact they all work for the WEF.

    Does the WEF have any democratic credentials whatsoever? No, it is all about the greatest centralisation of power ever in human history. If democracy means anything, it has to mean devolving powers to the lowest possible level, to the proverbial man in the street.

    And we should ask ourselves some very unfamiliar questions... like:

    Why do we need a government?
    What does it need to do?
    Can it be simplified? (You bet!!)

    So how can we mend our political system? We have to elect independent candidates.

    That does several things:


  • 4th December Presentations for UK Parliamentarians


    "On 4th December 2023 UK MP Andrew Bridgen was joined in a special parliamentary meeting by Dr David E. Martin, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Ryan Cole, Dr Pierre Kory, Professor Angus Dalgleish and Steve Kirsch who gave their testimony on the Pandemic & its consequences"

    "...no live streaming or official recording of the event was allowed"

    "Two video presentations by Dr Peter McCullough and Dr Mike Yeadon were due to be shown, but unfortunate technical issues prevented this happening"

    Dr Yeadon's presentation is a model of clarity and carries possibly the most sobering message imaginable. 

    Watch Mike Yeadon's presentation, as remastered with rolling captions and hopefully without technical issues, here 

    You Couldn't Make it Up


    The Fulford report this Monday is amazing - "behind the scenes" information dropped on multiple fronts that make you laugh and cry, or make you exclaim "I didn't know that!".

    Is it all the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I've no idea, but it's good entertainment, and you won't find any of it on the Beeb.

    "The world is undergoing the biggest changes in centuries if not millennia"

    "We will have to wait and see if all this comes to pass but, in my decades of reporting, I have never heard so many aggressive statements from so many different and senior sources"

    Modest subscription required - free to access after 7 days.


  • Ivor Explains the Goings-on in Ireland


    Is Ireland trailblazing the shape of things to come in the EU (& UK once David Cameron has taken us back in)?

    It's your view that counts.

    (16 minutes)


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  • COP28 in Turmoil?


    Many may view COP28 as a sideshow, taking place as it does in the UAE which many of us may struggle to pinpoint on a map of the Middle East.

    Nevertheless as a sideshow it must rank right up there with the main shows, boasting as has been variously reported either 70 thousand perhaps 97 thousand "delegates" and possibly an influx of around 140 thousand persons altogether. And no, they didn't come by bicycle.

    The COPs are, as my learned readers will know, charged to work out the practical steps necessary to achieve the Net Zero objectives as set by the luminaries at the UN-WEF "partnership" and their many "stakeholders". Nevertheless, the politicians being much in evidence, the primary discussions reported seem to be centring around the language to be used in that awkward final communiqué - should they talk of phasing fossil fuels "out" or phasing them

  • Dollar Collapse to Test Western Civilisation to Breaking Point?


    Not to try to scare anyone, but the US Dollar (and therefore likely the global financial system), undermined by many years of money-printing, is seemingly facing collapse and some sort of financial reset. Oil-producing nations are moving away from selling their oil in dollars, and with windmills and solar not yet (some think not ever) independent and reliable providers of power, our economies may be more fragile than they have ever been.

    What are likely to disrupt our supply chains? Wars and financial chaos.

    Wars are in the news. How close are we to financial chaos? My guess is that nobody in authority will admit to that, so advance warning is not going to be forthcoming from them. So we must find our information where we can, but as time and tide move on and wait for no man, the inflexion point certainly draws nearer every day.

    Maybe if you haven't thought about it yet, now would be a good time.

    Finances are

  • Just Another Conspiracy Theory - Pay No Attention


    Like it or not, the US of A is still a force to be reckoned with, if only because of the myriad international connections that it has over recent centuries forged, for good or for ill, all around the globe, not least under Trump.

    Unlike the British, who since the "end of Empire" have been seen as a bunch of losers to be subsumed into the Empire of the EU by any means possible.

    LaRouchePAC have added to today's uncertain geopolitical climate with the bold assertion that in fact much of the activities of the American leadership (excluding Trump) have been directed from... wait for it... London.

    That if true would certainly give the lie to the notion that the UK lacks influence these days. Perhaps it counts as the UK's oft-vaunted "soft power"? Of course, just like America, the UK is not a monolithic entity but a wide collection of factions

  • The Magic of Fiat Money and Banking

    OK, what follows here is my own analysis of how the banking system with fiat money works.

    I've decided to put my career as a banker (six months as a wet-behind-the-ears school leaver working in a London branch of one of the major UK banks) on the line, and discuss what I now regard as banking "sophistication".

    Many column inches have been devoted to this elsewhere but I want to simplify it so that any school-leaver today can understand it. Whilst the overall situation is (weasel word warning!) "complex", the principles involved are simple enough.

    I may fall short, since the argument depends upon the "dismal science" of economics, but someone has to do this. When learned accountants think that the way it works currently is all perfectly fine, I am concerned - have they mastered all the sophistication of book-keeping and accounting, only to miss the most basic of the basics?

    Read on, and see if you agree with my analysis...

  • The Science from NZ - for Those Still Baffled


    This presentation is from a whistle-blower in New Zealand.

    This interview starts with an emotional overload that, whilst understandable, doesn't add any information - to be cruelly practical, if you skip the first 8 minutes you will still catch all the important information.

    It puts the notion of excess deaths into perspective, all supported by the government's own data.

    (64 minutes)



  • It's Baffling - But Maybe Not Quite What You Think


    Ever been had?

    If you're looking for something but cannot find it... maybe you'e looking in the wrong place?

    (73 minutes)

    Watch here.

  • More on the China "Virus" Outbreak


    Dr Lee Merritt reinforces my own view - its likely a mind-virus, not a real infection but a reaction to radio frequency EMFs with not dissimilar symptoms to flu, which everyone will try to scare us is a virus requiring medical interventions... 

    Put some shungite or orgonite in your pocket, or wear as a pendant. Does it work? No idea, but for a few quid and no known downside risk, what are you waiting for?

    (5 minutes)



  • Yes, the MHRA is Asleep at the Wheel in Some Respects


    Probably not in all respects, but when it comes to its statutory obligations to ensure the safety of medicinal products it is hard to come to any other conclusion but that they were indeed asleep at the wheel.

    Nick Hunt writing for the Daily Sceptic reports on the indifference with which it appears to have approached its responsibilities in respect of the Covid protective inoculations.

    It would be unkind to suppose that it has been asleep in all respects though - it was quick enough to expedite approval for these shots, but of course it would be disingenuous to suggest that this had anything to do with their funding received from the pharmaceutical industry when it was obviously motivated by the need to protect the public from the "pandemic".

    Can anybody enlighten me as to when

  • Eat Less Meat - Save the World?


    One of the many puzzles that beset those who would wish to understand the basis for the campaign to stop us eating meat is - to put it as simply as possible - Why?

    The alleged requirement to stop producing CO2 from power plants is at least clear enough a proposition to understand, even if it doesn't appear to be based on any actual supportable science, ie: evidence truth and logic.

    But if bovine emanations are truly a likely cause of global catastrophe (given that we are of course already on course to achieve Net Zero power production by whenever) then how come the world in centuries past didn't succumb to the emanations of the vast bison herds that used to roam freely across North America prior to the advent of the Pilgrim Fathers? Not to mention the European bison that used to roam Europe in earlier times. And while we are on such topics, what about the Indian elephants, African elephants, antelope, wildebeests, hippos, rhinos, giraffes and like herds of wild herbivores that used to

  • Thought for 2024



  • Fulford Report Monday 27 Nov 2023


    In what must rank as probably his most significant report so far, Ben reveals a swathe of blockbusting news that suggests that the world as we knew it is approaching a welcome end.

    Key to this (along with much else) seems to be news that the Russians are breathing down Mr Netanyahu's neck from the Golan Heights, making clear their active interest in ending the Israel/Gaza hostilities.

    Even Joe Biden is reported elsewhere to be nudging to extend the ceasefire.

    Also, the deep state seem to have had enough:

    "... head of the British and French branches of the Rothschild family, is offering to hand over control of the Western financial system to the Planetary Liberation Alliance "...

  • When Will Net Zero Transport Lead to Net Zero Government?


    The answer to this question is of course "not whilst there is a single MP left in Parliament who believes he knows better than his constituents... ".

    To which observation we should add "... and controls the education system that so clearly brainwashes our children to believe the authorities rather than training them to learn to think for themselves".

    Harsh words? Well, Net Zero Watch helpfully publish "The War on the Car" by James Rupert, a paper that reviews the history of personal motoring and the government's incessant (and usually misguided) meddling with it.

    The motorist was indeed originally cemented as a product of the government's own intervention in transport policy in the 1960s, when Dr Beeching was brought in to put an end to local railways, and motorways were constructed (at vast government expense that could have been used to modernise the railways) so that the private motor car could compete with even the main lines for intercity

  • The Global Coup D'État


    The Jacob Nordangård Newsletter of 26 November 2023.

    Covering the Rockfellers, the Covid "vaccines", the state of Palestinian opinion following the Hamas attack on Israel, the transhumanist death cult and that other long-forgotten war between Russia and the Ukraine, still rumbling unpleasantly in the background of fickle media attention.

    Recommended reading.