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The Daily Sceptic gives voice to the many who now want to know what our government is still waiting for before declaring the pandemic closed.

As they remark, 

"But why isn’t it over? Now that we have developed our vaccines and delivered them to the vulnerable, reducing (we hope) their risk of death, what more are we waiting for? What now is to be gained from perpetuating the state of emergency? That the Deputy CMO thinks it “quite possible” the winter will be “bumpy” is no reason at all to continue doing anything that we didn’t do in 2019. What winter isn’t bumpy?"

Below are the hospital admissions for Public Health England rates per 100K up to week 29, taken from their Week 30 Report:

"The highest hospital admission rates continue to be those aged 85 and above"

Quite so.

I remind our readers of the WHO's guidance issued 20th Jan 2021: a positive PCR test in isolation cannot be taken as evidence of infection.

So why are our SAGE "scientists" and government ministers still intent on ignoring this advice and insisting on self-isolation for those that merely have a positive test?

"I’m told by someone in the know that mass testing for Covid was the first mass screening programme that bypassed evaluation by the National Screening Committee, and that there will be eagerness within the medical establishment for this to set a precedent that mass screening for flu and other diseases can follow"

Clearly by any rational definition we are no longer in a pandemic emergency. This is now a political imperative to justify the measures that our politicians want to impose on us, not least unapproved vaccines for our children (who are at virtually zero risk from Covid) under the now long-in-the-tooth Emergency Use Authorisation.

Dr McCullough pulls the Covid myths apart:


What  turned this "middle class Mum" into an "anarchist"?

I suppose we might quibble with the word "anarchist". It implies accepting a level of violence and chaos in order to overthrow the status quo, but that seems not to fairly represent where she is now. Of course, nobody can predict the future.

This is a well-turned piece by a well-reasoned lady, and she struck me as very peaceful and level-headed and not at all anarchic.

I suspect she speaks for a multitude.

See what you think.


Monday 19th July - "freedom day" - "Willsy" was "arrested" by the Metropolitan Police in Parliament Square.

These two videos present:

(a) the "arrest" (I'm putting this word in quotes because it appears that correct procedures may not have been followed) 


Like /Dislike this video here.

(b) the testimony of the person arrested


Like / Dislike this video here.

He is not the first person who seems to have been treated inappropriately.

This apparent police behaviour is extremely concerning.



Reality seems to be leaking slowly into the Parliamentary psyche . . . 

Sir Graham Brady has written a piece for the Daily Mail:

"I believe the real purpose of masks is social control - it's time to turn down the fear dial"

"When I asked a Health Minister in the Commons how she could justify banning healthy activities such as golf, tennis or bowls, she actually replied that while those activities were indeed safe, if we ‘let people do those things, they might think they can do other things too’"


This video needs no comment from me - you must form your own judgement.

Dr Reiner Fuellmich has also interviewed Dr David Martin for his legal investigation into the Covid "pandemic".