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We rely on our government ministers to know what they are talking about.

After all, if they are not properly advised then who is?

So when they openly tell the most extraordinary fibs we really ought to be worried. And when they fib about the costs of the national energy supply upon which our economy depends and upon which we depend in order to meet our basic needs for cooking, keeping warm, and travelling, then we really ought to be extremely concerned.

It really isn't good enough to say that "Oh, well, it's all about going green and we know that they have been spinning the yarn of all yarns about the need for change and the benefits of windmills and the need to subsidise the initial investment in order to kick-start the market and the world will end in six months if we don't JUST DO AS GRETA TELLS US" ... 

This has been going on for so long now that we are well past our brow-beat-by date.

So it's time to marshal the facts as best we can and refute some of this nonsense, but of course the terrain is now so beset under years of obfuscation half-truths and sheer make-believe that wading through it all to pick out the salient facts is a daunting task. 

We are therefore much obliged to those brave souls at Net Zero Watch who have done and continue to do much of the heavy lifting for us.

Here they take our latest "Secretary of State for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy" to task for his particularly rose-tinted view of the present and oncoming costs of getting to net zero (whatever that may mean). In fairness to the man I am reluctant to name him because he clearly doesn't stand any real chance against the massed ranks of the Civil Service that really runs our government of perpetuity.

However, it seems that things may be hitting a new low when even the BBC refuses to accept this latest paper panjandrum's green assertions.

Prof. Gwythian Prins has committed his geopolitical ruminations on our Net Zero policy to a paper entitled "The Worm in the Rose" wherein he explores the implications of the UK decarbonisation agenda whilst on the opposite side of the world the Chinese are building more coal-fired power stations that will negate our efforts many times over.

"But it doesn’t have to be like this. The paper ends by describing a Golden Bridge strategy – one which might lead to a high-energy, clean-energy, ‘China proof’ and economically prosperous future for the Free World"

Download the paper.