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It's eight months now since the Covid inoculation programme commenced and we are older and (to a limited extent) wiser.

The regulatory bodies are pleased to repeat the mantra that all vaccines have adverse events and they set up an expensive IT system to record them. The result we may presume is the MHRA's Yellow Card reporting system, to which we have previously drawn attention, and which has been covered by a recent UK Column News report which (at the 42 minute mark) features responses from Dr Sarah Branch, MHRA Director Vigilance and Risk Management, and also (at 53 minutes) from the CEO of the MHRA, Dr June Raine. Worth your attention.

For such an expensive system it seems to be a little lacking in reporting capability, at least in public reporting capability. In fact it doesn't seem too worried about consistency either as the numbers in the summary report inexplicably differ from those in the detailed reports by vaccine brand. 

UK Column have set up a page which permits some limited "slicing and dicing", and today The Daily Sceptic ("Lockdown Sceptics" rebranded, perhaps in the hope that lockdowns are now a thing of the past and maybe in the realisation that the market for sceptical reporting is still expanding) has published their own analysis of death and injury reported as resulting from a Covid inoculation:

"Following a FOI request to the MHRA for all vaccine associated deaths between 2010 and 2020, the Daily Expose reports that deaths from Covid vaccines are 407% higher than all cumulative previously reported deaths from other vaccines"  (my highlight)

And that is just the deaths - there are many many more serious and life-changing injuries.

And these are likely just the tip of the iceberg, since many do not know of the MHRA Yellow Card system and perhaps as few as 1% of adverse events are being recorded.

The truth is that the MHRA has no idea what percentage are being reported, but the similar VAERS system in the USA was once investigated (prior to Covid) and the researchers came up with the 1% estimate.

One might be forgiven for considering the MHRA's attitude to be criminally complacent given that it could have organised a sampling system to follow up a randomly selected sample of vaccinees, and would have had real results to compare with the Yellow Card system. Given that these shots have neither full authorisation nor proper safety assessment across all age groups, not to attempt this seems negligent at best. 

Now the MHRA may blithely say that this trail of destroyed lives may be perfectly acceptable in the scale of things, but quite frankly when one considers that all the regulatory bodies resolutely closed ranks against the safe and inexpensive prophylactic medicines that many doctors have been recommending since March 2020 then it begs the question of whether these hugely expensive and largely untested inoculations were ever even necessary, let alone the only possible treatment.

The only answer forthcoming appears to be the implicit "we know best". 

This is not science, it is hubris. 

This is no longer democracy, this is now medical tyranny.