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John L. Petersen (futurist) talks to Robert David Steele - and vice versa.

This may be a bit dark, but it does end on an optimistic note.

There are a lot of ideas here that will be contentious to many, so be prepared to suspend disbelief for a while. These predictions are said to be based upon evidence, and their proponents do allegedly have a track record for accuracy.

I have no corroboration one way or another, It's your judgement that counts. Having said that, I don't see anything in the world today that seriously conflicts with this narrative.


Martin Armstrong ... figured out that this world, this reality, works in cycles … the component parts of the reality have unique … signatures

Martin Armstrong says that ... since he first built his software, that it … says that by 2032 there will be no United States, and that there will be no European Union, and that there will be 5 or 6 countries in North America at that time

“… he also says that between 2025 and 2027 there will be a global civil war ...”


Cliff High … figured out that … humans are by nature psychic … what happens is that when there is a big event that’s inbound … it affects people … in the way that they talk, their language, the words and phrases … they don’t know that they’re doing it .. new terms show up

He built an extraordinary capability called the web-bot .. billions of spiders that run around the web … monitors on a real-time basis … these ideas cluster as they show up in different areas … you can start to see the migration and the growth … of these ideas …”

He too has been very very accurate … there’s a lot of history here

we are in an extraordinary period of time right now where there are fundamental questions starting to arise … across the world. There are a series of big events that are happening … driven by … the US Govt is doing a disclosure of alien life … (and if you believe they’re going to do all of that, you don’t understand how this works!) … anyway they’re going to do something … it’s a wedge .. Americans are going to start to say “you mean you’ve know about this all this time? You haven’t been telling us … ?

and … this Covid business coming in … you’ve got a growing understanding … this so-called vaccine is turning into being a disaster ...”

These sources and others have said for years now that we’re entering a period where you’re going to have secrets disclosed … all these converging issues that … are characterized by the term ‘betrayal’”


Enjoy the show: