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Jon Rappaport isn't necessarily known as a surrealist, but that may be about to change.

Salvador Dali with his surreal paintings may set the tone of visual surprise but once such a painting has been seen it loses its impact. Salvador has done all the hard work in bending reality in his mind and putting brush to canvas in order for us to see it, but somehow I for one feel that surrealism expressed in words is much more engrossing, involving as it must the use of our own personal powers of imagination in order to build and explore an alternate surreality from the perfectly normal black and white printed words before us.

This medium is I suspect ideal for Jon, whose avowed intent is to encourage us all to be more creative individuals - as an exercise in bending our normal three-dimensional consciousness to permit a conversation with an articulate pathogen, he pushes us beyond our normal confines and helps us to play for a while "outside the box".

Isn't that what we are always encouraged to do, but somehow never quite master?

So today we offer you a opportunity to taste life as it may be "outside the box".

See how you get on.

Perhaps in the end you may even begin to feel that a surreality may exhibit too many parallels with our more familiar reality for us to remain entirely comfortable that one is any more real than the other . . .