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We have published many articles on the Covid menace since this site started in October 2020, and whilst this particular report on Dr Mike Yeadon's views is not especially new, it does bring out the salient points and sums up our current situation, which some may consider scary.

Should we be scared of the virus or of "our" government or of the New World Order?

Below there are three references for you to follow up, to hlep make up your mind.

Dr Yeadon's Summary.

He isn't by himself - Tucker Carlson and Dr Peter McCullough bring additional angles to the debate:

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Whilst on this thread, Dell Bigtree of the Highwire has a reputation due to his past exploits in exposing what he sees as the failure of the regulatory authorities to fulfil their responsibilities to ensure the safety of medications.

He has powerful support in the form of Senator Rand Paul, who has been requiring answers from Dr Fauci.

In fact we covered much of this a couple of days ago, but just so you know - Highwire episode 215 wheels out big guns to fill in more technical and bureaucratic detail.

Moreover, the idea that (deliberately or otherwise) the vaccines may also be bioweapon-equivalent is floated. Indeed it is reasonably clear now that these jabs have already resulted in a great many deaths and injuries which may rival the deaths and injuries which have been attributed to the virus.

Who knows how many may succumb to unforeseen long-term adverse effects in addition to the real short-term damage already inflicted? Adverse effects which after a year may be very difficult to pin down to any specific cause . . .