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The marching attack.

Any useful fencer will know to what I refer.

For the rest of you, please follow up the link above - it makes plain exactly how it works, even if you have never picked up a foil in your life.

Now tell me you don't recognise it?

Is it not exactly how the Covid attack on the world has been conducted?

Is it not precisely how the green lobby is imposing its agenda upon us in the democratic West?

Is it not how the civil service bureaucracy has so grotesquely expanded its numbers (including all manner of "independent" NGOs and "regulators") that it seems it now holds government ministers and MPs in thrall rather than vice versa?

And is it not fiendishly difficult to counter (trust me - it is so in fencing too!)?

Why so? Well, it's a question of initiative. The marching attack requires the attacker to retain the initiative throughout. It works by applying constant pressure, constant uncertainty, all the while gaining ground until (in fencing) the defender runs out of piste and can retreat no more. He/she must stand and contest the initiative from a position of weakness or will lose the point.

So it is now with the political marching attacks that have suppressed our initiative throughout lockdown. For whatever reason, we have a brief window of opportunity to regain the political initiative for freedom or we may lose it for ever.

Countering the latest move will not cut it, the fight must be taken to the opposition, the initiative must be regained.

Russell Brand explains how the political marching attack works in this interview with Edward Snowden.

"We must be willing to work collectively together and that requires discipline"

We will also require leadership, planning, iron concentration, and determination to regain and retain the initiative through to the end.


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