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Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer who also practices in California. He is a leading member of the German Corona Investigative Committee which intends to hold the perpretrators of lockdowns to account for their alleged criminal activities.

Here is his latest interview, updating us in broad brush terms on his actions to date and whither he thinks these will lead in the future:

"There cannot be any doubt whatsoever ....   that what has been happening here for a year now is ...   these are the worst crimes against humanity ever committed"

"This has never been about the virus, this has never been about health, it has always been about taking everything away from us so that we would be dependent on them - plus population reduction, plus gaining complete control over those who are left"


"Conspiracy theorist" or conspiracy realist? If he as an experienced lawyer having spent many months investigating the evidence has come to these conclusions, then I think we should pay attention.

Well, Reiner is just one man (ignoring his committee for now ... ) - who else is saying the same sort of thing?

Martin Geddes, British expert on all things internet:

"formerly Strategy Director at BT’s network division, and Chief Analyst and co-founder at Telco 2.0. ... previously worked on a pioneering mobile web project at Sprint, where he was a named inventor on nine granted patents, and at Oracle as a specialist in high-scalability databases"

"authority on the future of the telecoms industry"

"futurologist, writer, speaker, consultant, and technologist"

And now, finding himself captivated by the greatest issue of our time, perhaps indeed even in the history of humanity - "citizen journalist"!

Why? Because he found he had the requisite analytical skills to make sense of it, he has put in the time to collect and cross-check the evidence, perform the dispassionate analyses, and draw the conclusions indicated by the logic. Now he shares these with us.

His latest newsletter is a masterly exposition of his conclusions as he sees them currently. This show is not yet over, so no doubt his thoughts will develop as more events unfold, but if you want to know what life is all about just now, I don't know of anybody else who can summarise it so competently.

"I have discovered what I was taught in school or by TV documentaries is often a perversion of reality. Our timelines have been wrecked, whole nations disappeared (like Tartaria), territory histories deleted (say Antarctica or Greenland), and civilisations ignored (such as the Vedics in India)"

"The average human wallows in extreme ignorance of the esoteric; the worst case is to be “educated” and overconfident, as ... in the exoteric 'knowledge elite'"

"the ultimate form of slavery is one where the slaves believe themselves to be free"

"the signs of profound change are in the wide open, and the data there for all to see"

"It is not just finance and politics that face a total reset. We have been exploited through many other routes, and each one faces a reset"

"Credible sources have warned me that “nature is coming”. It would make sense that secret societies are aware of cycles of cataclysm, including those that come from space. We may lose a lot of lives, including loved ones. What is at stake is the survival of humanity as a whole"

"What happens when a multi-generational global war of subversion and infiltration reaches its endgame?"

This Geddes world-view is unmissable.

After all that rather heavy going, I'm happy to give prominence to God's bastion of light and hope: Dutch Sheets.

So what has Dutch to do with the Great Reset of Everything?

His daily "Give Him 15" Youtube sessions are a reassuring and indeed calming reminder that according to his belief, God's purpose for humanity is about to be enacted through a revival of the Holy Spirit working through the ordinary people of the United States, and indeed of the whole world.

If this is indeed to be God's Great Reset, then Dutch is the man to explain it to us, 15 minutes at a time. He is certainly the most calming influence I know in a mad dysfunctional world. And if this is not to be God's reset, then we really are in trouble, so I'm with Dutch all the way cool.

If you are worried by what you have read above, or by the circumstances imposed upon you and yours by lock-downs, then Give Him 15 - or if not, just Give Him 15 anyway!


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