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Now the globalists are breaking cover with a putch towards centralising world medical control under the WHO, thus eliminating the tiresome recalcitrants who are brave enough to attempt different solutions to those proffered by the medical vested interests, and therefore in danger of showing up the globally-imposed narrative as being without foundation.

Competition of ideas will be sidelined or ideally eliminated in favour of imposing a one-size-fits-all totalitarian regime under the auspicies of the medical elite, a regime which if recent pandemic management is any guide may quickly find that it requires to control or eliminate all our traditional freedoms in order to "keep us safe".

We know what that looks like.

Led by our favourite populist politicians Johnson, Macron and Merkel, this is the first step which will establish an innocuous-sounding treaty with legal force and sufficiently widely drawn to encompass all the powers of control that a good communist could wish for.

The temporary Coronavirus Act 2020 (download) will no doubt be replaced in due course by something permanent.

The Daily Mail has the story.

Notable by their absence are signatories from Russia China and the USA (although I dare say that under Biden the latter omission may be swiftly rectified).

Science advances through the competition of ideas, but as we have seen, competition of ideas with regard to pandemic management has not been encouraged. Scientists of differing views have been censored and ignored, even when such views were entirely consistent with the epidemiology that was widely accepted (and published by the WHO) prior to the advent of Covid.

Almost no attempt has been made by governments to balance the supposed benefits of lockdown against the obvious and less obvious damage to economy and to health, and lockdowns have been imposed with a single-minded zeal that entirely belies any lip-service to "the science" and the possibility that other solutions may have been more appropriate. Now even those states that did pursue alternative routes through the pandemic are to be brought into line through an international treaty.

As we have seen from the construction of the EU over the last seventy years, international treaties do not require any consent from the population.

The writing is "on the wall" not for our leaders, but for us, and for our children.


Richard M. Ebeling writing for the AIER puts our current situation into some much-needed historical context, tracing the ever-growing accumulation of powers into government hands since the Napoleonic wars. He reminds us that we have been here before (perhaps not on such a global scale). When I was a lad (ten years or so after the end of WW2) we had just stopped rationing food, it was prohibited to take too much currency out of the country (you had to have your passport stamped), milk was sold through the monopoly Milk Marketing Board, and power generation and distribution, transport, and communications was in the hands of the government also (National Coal Board, National Grid, local Electricity Boards, local Gas Boards) Water boards, British Rail and the G.P.O. (general post office, which also looked after telephones). Buses were operated by a mix of local authorities and private companies.

Things were slowly freed up a bit under Margaret Thatcher, but much of the privatisation of some of these effective monopolies seems to have resulted in (a) transfer of ownership into corporate pockets whilst (b) providing a veneer of freedom from government control (now effected through "regulators"). Now it is true that levels of service did improve as a result (it could take weeks to get a phone and landline installed by the GPO) but the result was also to transfer power from government to the wealthy owners of corporations. We see the results today in the overbearing wielding of that corporate power by the giants of Silicon Valley, who now take it upon themselves to silence those of whose opinions they disapprove.

Indeed since they and the corporate owners of the news media all somehow seem to have closed ranks with government Covid policy, we now have enforced conformity of all opinion  expressed in public. Even individual opinion is being discouraged through fear of "hate speech".

We have exchanged inflexible control by Government for inflexible control by global corporates acting in concert, which is in theory illegal in many respects (but exceedingly difficult and wildly expensive to prove in a court of law).