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Covid matters medical are still very much to the fore, what with the AstraZeneca vaccine being paused by countries in the EU despite the established medical regulatory bodies all maintaining that it's "safe" and "effective" (even if there does seem to be continuing doubt about what exactly it is "effective" at achieving).

We live in a world where cures for such (relatively) mundane problems as asthma, and relatively serious problems such as cancer are still not with us, despite many years of research and many false promises that a cure may be "just around the corner" (only requiring another billion or two in further research to bring it to pass) ...  just for it to disappear from the headlines without further trace.

Meanwhile we have "treatments" for cancer that always seem to have the "side effect" of compromising or even destroying our innate immune system . . .

How does this make any sense? If I were to fall seriously ill I would not want any treatment that did not bolster my own immune system. My reasoning is simple - if I were in that much trouble already how would it make sense to put myself in the way of yet more trouble?

Now that is merely my own personal viewpoint, and we are all entitled to our own, but sometimes a time comes when we should seriously consider whether the assumptions which we may have treasured for years might actually be shown up for being no longer well founded, perhaps simply obsoleted by the many changes that inevitable occur over the years.

When I was a little boy my faith in our family doctor was absolute - as soon as I saw him I knew I was going to be all right, and I was.

Now I have come to more or less the opposite viewpoint.

Our current doctor is the lead clinician in the project to vaccinate our local residents against a disease that I personally consider (a) possibly a hoax perpetrated by the simple expedient of rebadging those who die by giving them a test that is known to create large numbers of false positives (b) skewing the statistics by assuming cause of death merely on the basis of this inappropriately used test (c) discontinuing autopsies, thus ensuring that the cause of death remains unchallenged (d) ensuring that the media hype the Covid danger to the skies with rolling onslaughts of both subliminal and direct emotional messaging.

On the other hand I accept that this somewhat uncharitable viewpoint may be incorrect, and that there may in fact be such a virus as SARS-CoV-2 which may cause the Covid-19 sickness, sickness which the (official) statistics show causes illness and death on a par with a severe flu year, and affects almost exclusively the elderly and those with already compromised immune systems.

I do not accept that this constitutes a pandemic because the reported levels of "excess deaths from all causes" do not reflect the reported "deaths from Covid-19". We are wiser now than we were this time last year.

So where exactly is the emergency that warrants the roll-out of experimental vaccines that do not have full approval because they have not completed their trials? How do a few months of preliminary trials provide any reassurance regarding long term effects? I am old enough to remember thalidomide. There might be a case (but there might not) for vaccinating some elderly whose immunity might need a boost, but as Dr Yeadon has pointed out, all vaccines rely upon a functional immune system in order to operate as intended.

In my mind there is no case for vaccinating any age group that is not seriously at risk of death, or those who already have a significantly compromised immune system.

There is an absolutely watertight case for not vaccinating the younger generations - they are the future, they are at no significant risk from Covid-19, and the long-term safety of these vaccines is unknown - yet this is what is currently in train.

And I reach these conclusions even before I consider that at least two inexpensive and effective prophylactic treatments with very long safety records have been shown to greatly improve survival rates to the satisfaction of many qualified front-line clinicians across the world, despite being resolutely ignored by our medical establishments.

I am not the only one who thinks that our current medical establishments are broken.

And - are we all being played?

And to round off, a succinct summary of Covid dictatorship syndrome by the AIER.

As always, make up your own mind, or just leave it open, noting the alternative views, pending more evidence.