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This utterly preposterous idea is, believe it or not, seriously being touted by those who think they can bully or manipulate us into accepting whatever they say as the gospel truth - or at any rate a plausible alternative to it.

The AIER now feels compelled to take this absurd threat seriously, not because it has any merit, but because the associated politics has all the hall-marks of a totalitarian agenda that they would steamroller across the world whether we the people want it or not.

"Those who follow this philosophy fail to recognize the glaringly obvious truth that suppression tactics have not succeeded because they run contrary to human nature"

"The ZeroCovid proponents do not address the reality that China, Australia, and New Zealand have continually had to implement lockdown policies in response to new cases arising even after declaring victory over the virus"

"No one at the Summit, or in any other context for that matter, has ever made a convincing case for elevating the coronavirus pandemic above all other considerations. There is a reason for this: the facts and logic all point in the opposite direction"

There is much more.

An idea which a year ago would have been laughed out of court must now be resolutely refuted - not merely by logical argument (these people are impervious to that) but by sheer robust out-and-out refusal to give them houseroom.

Preferably laced with good humour and a healthy dollop of derision.

The battle is not to convince the zero-covidians themselves, but to awaken our neighbours, our countrymen, and the world to their illogical nonsense, their denial of democracy, and their unspoken agenda of world domination.

In particular, we will have to deal with our own politicians (of all stripes) who for whatever reason work towards this same agenda.

Whatever we may believe about the scientific nature of the Covid pandemic, the political agenda that seeks to co-opt it in order to impose its purposes upon us is neither a laughing matter nor an ephemeral phenomenon that will evaporate of its own accord any time soon.

It is here to stay, has emerged into plain sight, and must be defeated by all political means.