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The Green Giant in question is of course the Great Global Warming Wangle whereby we are all asked to believe something that cannot be proved on the basis that "scientists" say so and we must accept absurd changes to our lifestyle that will further enrich the (already very seriously) wealthy and further impoverish and restrict the poor.

If we thought that the Great Covid Terror had somehow superseded the GGWW then sadly it doesn't appear so - it has simply pushed it temporarily to the background.

In so far as the GCT presumes on (a) our fear (of disease), and (b) our well-nurtured trust (in the NHS in loco imperatis), and harnesses both to deploy the full force of personal terror to ensure our compliance with arbitrary and destructive authority, it is following the exact same model as the "climate change" agenda. Additionally, by threatening an imminent and personal impact it is vastly more concentrated in effect.

Even though the GCT is an obvious refinement of the GGWW, the latter has not gone away - why abandon the original when the update is instilling the compliance necessary to make a killing from both?

So in addition to losing a great number of now unviable small (and medium sized) businesses and shutting down all physical social contact (not to mention our right to peacefully protest), the Boris Green Deal (for which nobody has voted) will now be rolled out under cover of the Covid hysteria (at the behest of the Bank of England the WEF and many others) to shut down any industry deemed to be ungreen, thus allowing those in the know to make ever more money from green subsidies - just as they did from vaccines, PPE, etc.

Of course, the above isn't just my jaundiced opinion . . . here's Piers doing his Loony-Lefty-for-London bit to roll back the tide - we need more old-school lefties like him to take on the modern-day "socialists", who wittingly or otherwise have been co-opted to the cause of the global oligarchy.


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