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Clif High is somebody whose work we have featured before. Strangely, he bases his work on analysis of internet traffic - in other words, on good data.

He doesn't quite define what he means by "woo", but I would suggest an up-welling of popular view-point in response to their perception of the unfolding situation, namely, the collapse of the mainstream narrative under the weight of the state's lies and contradictions.

There are not many people who even pretend to undertake similar research, let alone those who can articulate his findings and place them within a historical perspective.

He also introduces a number of assumptions about the underlying causes with which you may be unfamiliar - work with him for a while if you can - he isn't necessarily talking about your views, he's talking about the views that have currency in the internet traffic.

Whether or not you agree with his viewpoints, he certainly provides a perspective on current events which as far as I know cannot be found elsewhere.

And whilst his remarks are primarily applicable to the USA, the UK is in many ways remarkably similar and may be expected to behave in similar although not identical fashion. This being a global phenomenon, it will be fascinating to see how it plays out in the different nations.

"... the power elite serve no function - all they do is concentrate wealth"