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Land of the free, home of the brave - the United States of America - or should that be THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

Anna Von Reitz has spent many years disentangling the legal status of the various versions of the USA, and what a story she tells!

"Everything is upside down and backward.  The schools don't educate, the doctors don't heal, the lawyers don't defend, and no matter how much people pay in "taxes" it is never enough, and it never manages to fill the potholes"

I've no idea whether she is right or wrong, but I have the suspicion that she is at least on the right tracks in many places - some things were made to come under the heading "You couldn't make it up".

Intriguing question - is "the Donald" about to do some disentangling for real?

If Trump is going to do something at the "last minute" to upend the biggest apple-cart the world has ever seen, and if there is truth in Anna's investigations, then will these two likely come together in perfect.synchronicity?

The consequences would be huge.

Anna's work is spread across several links, all referenced from within a single article.

Fascinating reading!

And (guess what!) there's a video about how the USA should be done:

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Visit the American States Assembly.

You may never want to come back . . .

Read more about how this may be relevant today.

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This one is highly relevant to today:

"the only federal employee left with a contract with any authority at all is Donald Trump acting in the office of Commander in Chief - not President of any bloody nasty self-important disloyal dishonest self-serving foreign commercial corporation seeking to deceive and enslave the unsuspecting American people . . . "

There is more -

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