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"Our mission statement is simple:
To bring LEGAL JUSTICE to UK citizens for the devastating harm caused by lockdowns to families and businesses"

I am grateful to Lockdown Sceptics for this link to the PCR Claims site, which is working to establish the legal claims situation, where people and businesses that have incurred damage to their interests due to the unprecedented public restrictions introduced in response to the "pandemic" can submit their evidence of loss to their legal team.

I'm not sure how that works exactly but it looks well worth following up. It's nigh-on impossible to mount a court case against the government as an individual, but as a group - it could be viable. This is an opportunity for "we the people" to hold the government to account.

Lead Counsel Jo Rogers:

". . . when it becomes known globally, when it becomes an accepted principle (which I believe it is) that the PCR test is not fit for purpose, then the whole house of cards is going to fall down"

". . . I really want those individuals to have an option, and what we are aiming to do here is gather evidence, get the evidence now, because there's no point in two years time looking back and thinking "Oh, if only I'd remembered to get my doctor's report, or if only I'd spoken to my accountant at the time, if only . . . , and captured all of that data", so our team is gathering evidence but also those individuals who have suffered losses also need to gather their evidence, we want to hear from them"  

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Check out their videos page.

As I see it, the PCR test is indeed the primary weak spot in the Government's case for the pandemic, and it won't stand up.

Get cracking - this isn't just for you, it is for the people of the United Kingdom.