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An article from Unherd explores some of the ramifications of our approach to the "Great Reset" - the author Gavin Haynes has a point, although I wonder whether he is over-analysing the situation to some extent.

The trick in analysing any complex situation is to separate the important 20% of issues from the unimportant 80%, otherwise we simply get bogged down in circular argument from which escape can become ever more elusive.

For me the most important point of all is that there is no "Great Reset" at present that is founded on any democratic legitimacy whatsoever - a point that should stop us all in our tracks.

In turn, democratic legitimacy can only stem from an honest electoral process - and we can see that there are very serious questions over the honesty of elections in that supposedly most democratic of nations, the USA.

If in the USA, we have to ask to what extent we may have problems in the UK - we may not have the suspect voting machines over here but we certainly have a postal voting system that could usefully stand some tightening up.