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Not content to serve up recent helpings of Tony Blair, they are now wheeling out Lord Adonis to persuade us of the error of our ways.

Remember the "People's Vote" campaign? How voting again until we gave the right answer was supposed to be the only democratic way to resolve the horrific idea of having to make our own way in the world that the Brexit vote had somehow conjured up? Well don't worry, there will soon be a new campaign organised to rejoin the EU, that's if the good folk at BrexitWatch have go their story straight.

Perhaps lockdowns have stirred fond memories of the superior talent for centralised bureaucracy with which the EU is so well endowed, or perhaps Tony has been sent back to Blighty to get a grip and recover the situation, but whatever the reason, it seems that we are set to enjoy a resurgent campaign to "Rejoin the EU".

Will anybody notice? Well perhaps some may. This comment in particular reminds me of another campaign recently waged with unparalleled ferocity by our "Tory" government in pretty blatant disregard for veracity - the exercise to impose lock-down compliance by naked 'We're all gonna die!' fear-mongering:

"... the ‘People’s Vote’ campaign came very close to victory last time. Whilst its arguments were fundamentally flawed they were repeated so often and so widely that many believed them ... "

I don't doubt they feel on home turf already, and are busy studying the Covid campaigns for tips.